What does a wrestler do to support his family and lifestyle when he’s done wrestling?

In the latest episode of Viceland’s Dark Side Of The Ring, the documentary delves into the homicide of Dino Bravo and the circumstances that led to his death.

“You kind of hear about all kinds of stories about what happened,” Jimmy Hart told the Dark Side of the Ring documentary crew. “It was so sketchy on everything.”

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Bravo’s size and athletic ability made the Montrealer a big name in the local wrestling scene. The Italian Strong Man, as he was known at the time, was also a part-owner of regional promotion International Wrestling.

As WWF scaled up from a local promotion to national business, Bravo saw many of his top talents head for greener pastures. Bravo soon followed and joined WWF where he earned more money. He bought a big house in the Montreal suburb of Laval, Quebec.

After some creative differences with how he was being used, Bravo and WWF agree to part ways in 1992. With nowhere to go in the wrestling business, a family connection leads Bravo to become an enforcer for the mob.

The role, typically thrust upon a big imposing person collecting debt with no fear, is believed to be why the mob targeted Bravo for the role.

On March 10, 1993, Bravo was found dead in his home with 17 bullets in his body.

“Let this be a lesson, no one is untouchable,” Jacques Rougeau, a former wrestler who worked with Bravo, told the documentary.

Why did Bravo choose this path before his end?

Are they any clues as to what happened on the night of his death that have since come to light?