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Welcome to The Rubber Boots Podcast - an all-new podcast where TSN's James Duthie - joined by TSN staffers Lester McLean, Sean 'Puffy' Cameron and a special guest each episode - chat sports and just about anything else.


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Got some questions or ideas for upcoming podcasts? Hit up James at @tsnjamesduthie



  • Jan 13

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 3 Episode 14 - “We’re gonna tuck your shirt & beat the (bleep) out of you”

    The boys are back in town, which after a grueling WJC, marks the return of Sexy Puffy. Duthie talks yoga, the boys discuss proper airport arrival times and the Puckepedia segment turns sexual. We finally unveil the winner of our Intern Internship Search, and look back at our performance of “Do They Know Its Christmas?” via a very special Rod Smith Baby Recap! Plus; Week That Was and Things I Saw On Twitter!

  • Dec 21

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 3 Episode 12 - “Christmas Special - You Get Dumber Listening To It”

    We get a special holiday greeting from Jeff ‘The O-Dog’ O’Neill, Puff breaks all the rules in the Christmas Gift Exchange and Duthie breaks down his Nutcracker performance. Lester debuts his brand new Christmas song ‘I Can’t Shop’. We meet, Hart, the man behind Puckpedia and check back in with Slawek from idrinkcoffee.com. To end the pod the gang does a heartfelt cover of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ with appearances from Bump, his dog, Lindsay Hamilton, Mark Maters, Matthew Scianitti, John Lu and of course…Rod Smith Baby! Plus; Week That Was, Things I Saw Twitter, Internship Update and the Rod Smith Baby Recap!

  • Dec 14

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 3 Episode 11 - “Browsing For Socks and Jay Baruchel”

    Jimmy lets us in on his off season golf regiment, which includes a stand off with Kiefer Sutherland, while Puffy has a stand off of his own, with Jefferson Brown. Duthie breaks down the Lou Marsh Award and reveals who he believes should of won, and the gang plans a special Secret Santa for next week. Jay Baruchel drops by to discuss his book (or more so his book tour), the process of choosing his butt double and the vision behind his upcoming Horror film. PLUS; Things I Saw On Twitter, Puckpedia (Two Truths, One Lie), and the Rod Smith Recap!!

  • Dec 6

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 3 Episode 10 - “Oh… I think I remember”

    Duthie helps Puffy recall his Grey Cup experience and we find out how Jimmy helped the Stamps win it all! We play Two Truths/One Lie with Lester in our PuckPedia Segment. Santa drops by the pod…and finds out why Rod Smith Baby belongs on the naughty list. The Internship Intern Search concludes with Thomas aka “Sick Hands”. PLUS; Week That Was, A-hole or A-OK, Puffy’s Hypotheticals, Urban Dictionary and the Rod Smith Baby Recap! Bottoms Up Puffy!

  • Nov 24

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 3 Episode 9 - “U-Reen Sample”

    LIVE from Duthie’s hotel room it’s the Rubber Boots Grey Cup Special! We get an in-room visit from Rod Smith Baby, and Bump makes his season debut. Adult films, wedges, hypotheticals…oh and the guys sing all the themes on the spot…needless to say Lester will be back. ENJOY!

  • Nov 17

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 3 Episode 8 - “I Would Just Have A Bat!”

    Rod Smith Baby LIVE in studio…does anything else matter? James ‘Big Daddy’ Duthie recaps the Hall of Fame, and fittingly we call up Gerry aka Jeff O’Neill for a Puffy’s Hypotheticals of EPIC proportions* It’s our most ‘unstable’ episode yet! The boys share stories from previous Grey Cups, Roddy shares voice over secrets and Lester is fired…again. PLUS; Week That Was, Things That I Saw on Twitter, Puckpedia Segment and the return of 1999 Puffy!

  • Nov 8

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 3 Episode 7 - “Roddy’s Confirmation”

    It’s finally happened! The Bob McKenzie Bobcast-Rubber Boots Crossover Episode! That’s right Bobby Mack pocket dialed Duthie and the rest is history…brief history. James battles the elements on his way in (by elements we mean leaves), Roddy takes the boys out on the town and we learn that what happens in the Uber rarely stays in the Uber. Internship Drama; The two Scotts take a break from trying to murder one another, as one of them takes a run at Lester’s job, and Zach Phillips pitches a New Jack Summer training montage video. PLUS; Things I Saw On Twitter, Puckpedia Segment, Puffy’s Hypotheticals, and of course…The Rod Smith Baby Recap!

  • Nov 2

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 3 Episode 6 - “Bobby freaking Orr”

    A Rubber Boots Exclusive; James Duthie’s full length interview with the legendary Bobby Orr, who shares fond memories from his new book “Bobby: My Story in Pictures”. The usual shenanigans do go on as Puffy calls out Todd Gurley for his lack of ethics and Jeff “The O Dog” O’Neill calls in to share that his hook up came through. (He gets (bleep) done!) No Internship Intern Interview this week, but fear not, as one Intern Scott attacks the other. PLUS; The Week That Was, Rod Smith Baby Recap, and a Major…wait NO!…2 Major Announcements!!!