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Welcome to The Rubber Boots Podcast - an all-new podcast where TSN's James Duthie - joined by TSN staffers Lester McLean, Sean 'Puffy' Cameron and a special guest each episode - chat sports and just about anything else.


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  • Feb 12

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 19 - "I Rub My Shrimp Up Against Your Jello"

    Hellooooooo! Puffy returns with tales of Dutch Paradise, while James opens the wrong door and regales us with tales of Miami. Lester is going Old Testament, Jimmy celebrates his love for foreign theatre, Puff learns he's been replaced and Stoff recaps a trip to the buffet.  As Spotify buys the Ringer, the Rubber Boots Gang tries to decide between linking up with Napster or Limewire. PLUS; The Week That Was, Things I Saw On Twitter, Puffy's Hypothetical and Stoff's XFL Picks (59:00)!

  • Feb 5

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 18 - "I Don't Know If It'd Be An Orgy, But There'd Be Sex"

    It's not the Super Bowl Special you asked for…or needed for that matter, but it's here; Lester and Stoff join Jimmy poolside in Miami while Puffy is relegated to South America.  Duthie contemplates fixing his vision, educates the gang on locusts, and the Doomsday Clock is ticking!   If that wasn't enough, the exclusives roll on as James sits down with; Seattle Seahawks Tight End Luke Willson, San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel and Offensive Lineman Joe Staley. PLUS; Week That Was, Things I Saw On Twitter and...two, yes, TWO What You Watchin' Segments!!! Over the 60 minutes of promised content! It's Super Bowl Madness!

  • Jan 29

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 17 - “You Don’t Wanna See It Now?”

    Host. Husband. Father. Hero.  James Duthie is a fighter, and when it comes to the plague, he squares up and keeps going.  Puffy, we hear, survived as well.  As promised the guys go LIVE on INSTA! (the internet will never be the same), and then unveil part one of the Rubber Boots Super Bowl Preview Special.  Later on, we talk to Melissa, who shares her story of ‘The Rubber Boot Man’, we find out what can go wrong in a ‘trust fall’, and Jimmy bears it all. PLUS; The Week That Was, Sharing Circle, Things I Saw On Twitter and Hound Dog’s Hypothetical!

  • Jan 21

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 16 - “The Myth of the Rubber Boot Man”

    It’s the most shocking development in the history of podcasting that rocks the Rubber Boots gang to their very core…a must-listen!  James shares stories from his trip to Ethiopia…and his trip back in time.  Trial by combat, dogs watching tv, and a retired turtle…but none of that should shock you…oh and Lester makes another Friends reference. PLUS; The Week That Was, Things That I Saw On Twitter, Urban Dictionary and What You Watching’ Shoutout to the ‘My Favourite Murder Podcast’…and our many shared listeners…the search continues…

  • Jan 9

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 15 - “I Thought We Were in a Time Out”

    Freshly back off the red eye from Czecho…James’ got something in HIS eye, tells us what the Duthies got up to for Christmas and we get a special IN STUDIO appearance from Jeff ‘The O Dog’ O’Neill.  Puffy can’t hear the music, Lester keeps making ‘Friends’ references, Jimmy vows to listen more while Stoff stops listening altogether.  The word of the day is; ‘Discharge’ PLUS; The Week That Was, Things I Saw On Twitter and What’s In Jimmy’s Eye?

  • Jan 2

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 14 - “Island Time Ep 3: Leaving Time”

    Even the best vacations have to come to an end…In their final days at Wymara; Jimmy rebuttals Jay and Dan’s allegations but he doesn’t listen to anyone else. Brooksie sticks up for her man, Puffy questions the validity of the "babymoon" and breaks the news about Pluto to Lester. PLUS: The guys workshop a brand new theme for a brand new segment!

  • Dec 27

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 13 - “Island Time Episode 2: We're Goin Live!!”

    The pod is on a boat!  The boys hit the water and return from the sea as men (sort of). Duthie eats in front of Stephen Ames, Puffy doesn’t own shirts, and Lester reveals a cultural secret.  The crew goes Live on instagram, there’s more peloton fallout and we learn Brooksie’s secret talent; cameramen beware.   Our villa neighbour and former NFLer Robert Simms talks about his career and medical venture, and we catch up with everyones favourite Anaheim couple with breaking news! PLUS; Things on Twitter, A-hole or A-Ok and Bloopers! Ma! The Podcast!

  • Dec 17

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 12 - “Island Time Episode 1”

    It’s the trip everyone’s been waiting for!  The boys touch down in beautiful Turks and Caicos and bring to you the rubber Boots Wymara Villa Experience like no one else can.  In part one of three podcasts; The boys explore the villa, learn first hand about local wildlife, and rub elbows with their fellow athlete neighbours.  We hear from Brooksie, learn new names for Stoff’s wife and stumble upon Puffy’s new career path.  Former NFLer and inspirational speaker Trent Shelton tries to get the crew’s lives on track. Island Time Episode 2 Coming Soon! PLUS; Flight That Was, What You Watchin’ and Puffy’s Hypotheticals (*angry shark and porcupine bell included!)

  • Dec 10

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 11 - “Illegal Criminals”

    With only days left before descending on the Wymara in Turks and Caicos, the boys are jacked about their trip! While recapping the Grey Cup we find out Jimmy still has the moves…as does Puffy.  It’s sink or swim in the latest hypothetical, we examine the new Peloton ad and the crew is Hungry Like The Wolf. PLUS; Week That Was, Puffy’s Hypotheticals, Things I Saw On Twitter and What You Watchin’?

  • Nov 28

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 10 - “Teens Yelling ‘Cactus!’ At Older Man” *107th Great Cup Special*

    *LIVE* From The 107th Grey Cup In Calgary! Rod Smith Baby Returns!… and is shocked at what the podcast has become,  Jimmy stains his podcast pants, while Puffy gets passionate about the integrity in baseball.  Bump also makes his return and delivers a haunting rendition of “Dreams”.  What would a respectable Grey Cup preview be without an appearance from Winnipeg Blue Bombers OC Paul LaPolice?  Grab a raddler and enjoy! PLUS; Week That Was, Sharing Circle and Puffy’s Secret Grey Cup History The Adventures of Rod Smith Baby and Emilio Coming Soon!