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Welcome to The Rubber Boots Podcast - an all-new podcast where TSN's James Duthie - joined by TSN staffers Lester McLean, Sean 'Puffy' Cameron and a special guest each episode - chat sports and just about anything else.


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  • Nov 28

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 10 - “Teens Yelling ‘Cactus!’ At Older Man” *107th Great Cup Special*

    *LIVE* From The 107th Grey Cup In Calgary! Rod Smith Baby Returns!… and is shocked at what the podcast has become,  Jimmy stains his podcast pants, while Puffy gets passionate about the integrity in baseball.  Bump also makes his return and delivers a haunting rendition of “Dreams”.  What would a respectable Grey Cup preview be without an appearance from Winnipeg Blue Bombers OC Paul LaPolice?  Grab a raddler and enjoy! PLUS; Week That Was, Sharing Circle and Puffy’s Secret Grey Cup History The Adventures of Rod Smith Baby and Emilio Coming Soon!

  • Nov 15

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 9 - “Brooksie, I’m Coming In!”

    It was bound to happen; Jimmy walks out on the pod…but before he does: The guys sell out and discuss their latest Pepsi commercial shoot and James breaks down the MLS Cup Final (which he hosted in Winnipeg?)   Friend of the pod and author of “A Year On Bumble” Mark Ward calls in to share his story of meeting a special someone.  After James leaves the fellas have a disturbing conversation about death and we get a glimpse of the apocalypse.  What’s left to be said? PLUS: Thing I Saw On Twitter and Sharing Circle! Grey Cup Special Next Week!

  • Nov 8

    Rubber Boots - Season 4 Episode 8 - “Can’t You See I Can’t Read?!?!”

    Jimmy sports the latest fashions while bringing back turtle necks, and tells a chilling game show tale.   Jeff “The O Dog” O’Neill calls in to update his answer to one of last season’s hypotheticals. The boys plan the podcast tour (first stop; Yorkville), take credit for TFC’s success and get on Puff about his Wymara prep. Like Lester said “This One’s A Classic!”

  • Nov 1

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 7 - "Serial Liker"

    Jeff “The O Dog” O’Neill has a new label for Jimmy.  The gang contemplates hitting Guelph for Halloween before reminiscing about the ’80s.  Puffy presents a revealing hypothetical, while Lester discusses the importance of axe swinging. The guys discover they’re big in the dominatrix community and the sharing circle turns dark. #LickIt PLUS: Week That Was, Sharing Circle, Puffy’s Hypotheticals and Things I Saw On Twitter

  • Oct 25

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 6 - “Remember; I Still Am Potent”

    Duthie out-golfs Tiger Woods and plays 36 (you ‘real’ golfers know what that means). We unveil our Super Villain crimes in the highly anticipated conclusion to last week’s hypothetical.  James then recalls his first love with Blank, Puffy updates us on his kids’ gambling addictions and learns a new word and we discuss a potential podcast giveaway involving Lester and a spinning wheel.  Sex Offices, Sex Schedules and more! Don’t beat up bunnies kids, payback’s a mother… PLUS; Week That Was, Sharing Circle, Puffy’s Hypothetical’s and Things I Saw On Twitter

  • Oct 22

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 5 - “Watching People Play Scrabble Online”

    Episode 97.5 is here! James looks back at his Thanksgiving Tour and isn’t pleased with what he finds in his parking spot.  Puffy goes out…wait for it…drinking, gets right down criminal in his hypotheticals and then dreams about…yes, you guessed it…more drinking.  We get another appearance from our friend Jeff “The O Dog” O’Neill as breaks down Turnip-gate.  In the end, Lester gets ill, Puff reveals his cheese rankings while Duthie brags about his many milks.  Stoff is still prepping for episode 100! PLUS: Week That Was, The Sharing Circle, Puffy Hypotheticals, Things I Saw On Twitter and Dreams!

  • Oct 11

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 4 - “Captain Obvious”

    James golfs with Captain Obvious, visits his kids at school and shares his bathroom routine.  Lester tells of a traumatic event from his youth, Stoff recaps life not the road and Puffy hesitates to help Jimmy with his hamstring.  The boys celebrate the premiere of their Pepsi commercial and the countdown to the ‘Episode 100 Spectacular Extravaganza’ continues. PLUS; Week That Was, Things I Saw On Twitter, What You Watchin’ and introducing The Sharing Circle!

  • Oct 4

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 3 - “If It Goes, It Goes”

    Jeff ‘The O Dog’ O’Neill makes his Season 4 debut…IN STUDIO! Jimmy gets a lot done in the morning and he owes it all to his all natural supplements.  The three best friends recap their Pepsi commercial shoot…Lester looks on.  We uncover more overpriced meals in Italy and share ways to save at the movies.  Enjoy the baked beans! PLUS: The Week That Was, Dreams, and Puffy’s Hypotheticals!

  • Oct 4

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 2 - “Wicked Games: Part Deux”

    James and Puffy attempt to hold it down until Stoff comes through to save the day.  Jimmy flies all over the place, does a strip tease but can’t seem to find Alex Smith.   Puff is a proud papa after his son hits the over on his goal spread prop (1.5). The boys look forward to their commercial shoot and we hear some fiery takes. PLUS: The Week That Was, Puffy’s Hypotheticals and Dreams

  • Oct 4

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 1 - "Royal Beating"

    The moment you’ve been waiting for all summer is here!  The pod is back for Season 4.  The boys plan the Wymara trip...with a Bachelor twist.   James recaps his summer (high-end dining, high-end bidets, high-end roundabouts).  Puffy struggles to get his numbers up, Stoff upgrades the car and Lester falls in love.  You took to the polls and we listened! Enjoy! PLUS: The Summer That Was, Puffy’s Hypotheticals, Things That I Saw On Twitter and What You Watchin’!