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Welcome to The Rubber Boots Podcast - an all-new podcast where TSN's James Duthie - joined by TSN staffers Lester McLean, Sean 'Puffy' Cameron and a special guest each episode - chat sports and just about anything else.


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  • May 27

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 32 - "Hey Idiot"

    James is prepared to burn any and all bridges in order to golf, Puffy declares 2020 the year of the animal and Stoff is accused of working too hard.  Zach the Intern makes his triumphant return from the dead to debut the brand new segment; This or That?  Everyone wants something; Jimmy wants an excuse rolodex, Puff wants o fight Mike Tyson, and Lester just wants the podcast curse to stop.   Dope looking executives, foretold prophecies, men named Harry, and an organic chicken challenge. PLUS; Things I Saw On Twitter and Things That Brooksie Says

  • May 20

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 31 - "You're Gonna Put That On Your iPod Aren't You?

    Jimmy has a bit of a spill, Puffy debuts the new look for the 2020s and Lester has 'crafted' a proposition for Bobby Orr.  We pay our respects to Jerry Stiller and Little Richard, Puff tells us about his proudest moment as a father, while.  James prepares for an epic Zoom call.  Beep beep boop beep. PLUS; Things I Saw On Twitter, What You Watching, a heartwarming edition of Puffy's Hypotheticals and the debut of Things Brooksie Says!

  • Apr 30

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 30 - "Flying Cougars"

    This week we get a call from a very special guest…friend of the pod Jeff 'The O Dog' O'Neill joins the gang to discuss animal on animal violence.  James relives his NBA play by play glory days, while Puffy issues a challenge to the crew.   Our deep dive into infomercials continues, Lester shares his unique trick for conquering insomnia and has a mic drop moment (sort of).   Nature videos, massage tables, pie cutlery sets, Belichick's dog…what else could you possibly want? PLUS; Week That Was, Puffy's Hypotheticals, Things I Saw On Twitter and another installment of 'What's Inside Lester's Townhouse?'

  • Apr 23

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 29 - "I Enjoy Playing With It"

    The world sits on pins and needles as we await…the puppy decision.  James has a new famous friend, shares his idea on how to get golf back, and looks back at a couple hair related infomercials.  Puffy reveals a clear path to the NFL, Lester types in secret, and Stoff goes for a dip.  #WeNeedJimmy PLUS: Week That Was, Things I Saw On Twitter, What You Watchin' and James introduces The Puppy Naming Contest!

  • Apr 23

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 28 - "I Would Go To Chernobyl And Drink From The Fountain"

    James cuts his own hair, lists his favorite infomercials and asks listeners to help him decide on whether to make another addition to the family.   Mr. Noodle makes his return as the part of Lester is played by Bump.  The boys miss Augusta and reminisce of Masters past, Duthie envisions a new career for himself and Puffy is trying to motivate us all into staying in shape.  A sudden coughing fit has the gang concerned, Jimmy D says Jimmy G is a hero and Puffy reacts to big news from his favourite celebrity couple. From Rubber Boots to Rubber Boats, this episode has it all!...except for Lester, that is.  PLUS: Week That Was, Puffy's Hypotheticals. Damn Man, Stoff's Choice, and Things I Saw On Twitter! **Stay Safe Friends**

  • Apr 15

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 27 - "If You Wanna Bounce For a Bit"

    James shares tales from the podcast circuit and shares an idea that he thinks will revolutionize podcasting forever, while Puffy gives an emotional rant on the Tiger King series.  Lester is all business during the pod; answering emails, answering calls…leaving the room, the man is busy!  The boys contemplate suing Dana White, and we hear the fallout from when Brooksie wandered into Jimmy's office and found an item he used in episode 26. PLUS; Week That Was, Puffy's Hypotheticals, Things I Saw On Twitter, Dreams and the debut of Damn Man What Were You Thinking!

  • Apr 9

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 26 - "You Look Like A Really Horny Bane"

    Rod Smith Baby is back!  The myth, the legend….the Franchise connects live via Skype from his compound and gives a tour of one of his many 'playrooms'. Not that anything else really matters but Jimmy ponders his new look, models pantyhose and buys an expensive plunger (with sidebars).  Lester drops a new song, Puffy is excited, like really excited, and Stoff is, well, Batman.   Robotic voices, pillow ironing, a quarantine themed quiz and Puff casts his vote for America's Favorite Murderer. PLUS; Week That Was, Things On Twitter, Puffy' Hypothetical and What You Watchin'!

  • Apr 9

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 25 - "This Is Where The Love Making Happens…"

    James learns he's a tech wiz, the guys learn that Puffy is a teacher, and we all learn Jimmy is quite a big deal at his old high school.  The list of good looking actors continues to grow, twitter leaves the gang speechless and a heated debate about Taylor Swift jeopardizes the future of the podcast. PLUS; What You Watchin?, Things I Saw On Twitter and Puffy's Hypotheticals!

  • Apr 9

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 24 - "Very Doable" (Isolation Edition)

    Coming straight out of isolation, a crazy podcast named Rubber Boots!'Jimmy has facial hair and a new hobby, Puffy is in true Masters form, Lester gets bored and Stoff pitches an idea for 'new' TSN content.  Status updates, Self Googling, and #SocialDistancingPickUpLines! PLUS; Week That Was, Things I Saw On Twitter and  What You Watching RIP Kenny Rogers

  • Apr 9

    Rubber Boots Podcast - Season 4 Episode 23 - "Which Place Did You Get The Lube Though?"

    The boys talk socks, Puffy gets the kids' eyes checked out and James teaches us how to avoid serial killers.  Things get physical, podcasts get attacked and listeners try to guess what happened to Puffy's neck. Ultrasounds, Hypotheticals and Bachelor predictions, this episode has it all! PLUS; Week That Was, Things On Twitter and Puffy's Hypotheticals