Tributes have poured in for long-time TSN broadcaster Darren Dutchyshen from current and former colleagues.


TSN posted a statement remembering Dutch.

“Darren Dutchyshen was a legend of Canadian sports broadcasting, a great teammate, and an essential part of TSN for the last three decades,” Bell Media senior vice-president Stewart Johnston wrote. “A larger-than-life personality, Darren’s incredible sense of humour and magnetic energy made him a natural broadcaster who connected easily with viewers. His enthusiasm reminded us every day of why we love sports. Most significantly, Darren was a friend to all of us at TSN, and we will miss him dearly. Our thoughts and heartfelt condolences are with his loved ones.”

"We’ve lost a dear friend," Darren Dreger wrote. "Dutch’s positive energy, bombastic personality, incredible talent, and sharp sense of humour made him great on and off the air. There will be a hole at TSN that can never been filled. My deepest sympathies to his loving family. Rest, big fella."

"I'm only a year older than Dutch, but even back to our days in Edmonton in the '80s, he was always 'The Big Kid,'" Gord Miller wrote. "He was loud, rowdy, loved his family, life, sports, a good time, and was beloved by both his colleagues and the viewing audience. He was one of a kind. #RIPDutch"

"This is a very tough day for everyone at TSN," Dave Naylor wrote. "Here's how I have always described working alongside Dutchy — if you ran into him in the hallways at TSN, you would think he'd just been hired because he always had that fresh, boundless energy and enthusiasm for what he did and the people with whom he worked. He was always the brightest in the building."

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"I saw his tape before he started and he was a wild man from Edmonton," Jim Van Horne said. "I was sure they'd made a mistake. But after meeting this bright young man and seeing him on air, I quickly realized he was unique. He was one of a kind. There will never be another."

"This guy lived life to the fullest, every single day," Bob Weeks wrote. "A legend in our business, and a guy who made so many smile."

"Awful news from TSN: Darren Dutchyshen has passed away," Chris Johnston wrote. "RIP to a legend. Gone far, far too soon."

"He was a legend out in our neck of the woods, larger than life," Ryan Rishaug wrote. "Was so lucky and thrilled to get to know him and work with him. Condolences to his loved ones."

"Giant of a man," James Duthie wrote. "In stature, personality, humour, heart. Especially heart. He was SportsCentre. We loved him a ton and will miss him equally."

Gino Reda posted a video tribute to Dutchyshen.

"Heartbreaking," Pierre LeBrun wrote. "Big part of the soul of SportsCentre. Larger than life personality. Tough day."

"Oh my gosh," Salim Valji wrote. "This is so heartbreaking. RIP, Dutchy."

"Heartbreaking news to wake up to," Josh Lewenberg wrote. "Dutch will always be a legend of this industry. An iconic broadcaster, but an even better colleague, friend and person. Truly larger than life. To say he will be missed is an understatement."

"The passion, the energy and the big heart that Dutchy had will always make me smile when I'll think of him," Martin Biron wrote. "It's hard to smile now, especially when I think of his family, his friends and everyone that he worked with at TSN. So it's okay not to be okay for now as we mourn his loss."

"Darren Dutchyshen was loud and funny and built and so full of life and fun and mischief," Steve Simmons wrote. "He was a giant of his own creation, on screen and off. A true original. I will miss him. You will miss him. Gone way too soon, old friend."

"This is crushing," Adnan Virk wrote. "I worked four and a half years 'on the row' at TSN before I got my on air break and Dutchy was one of my favourites. Friendly and funny, the image of him with his feet up at his desk, keyboard in lap, cracking jokes with the best of them will endure."

"Larger. Than. Life," Bob McKenzie wrote. "What a guy. Luv ya, pal."

"I will miss my friend," Farhan Lalji wrote. "Just a giant in our industry and truly a one of a kind person. My condolences to his family and anyone blessed enough to have spent time with him."

"Dutch was an absolute legend," Adam Scully wrote. "His passion for life was incredible. I will never forget hosting with him last summer. I was so nervous. He could tell. Ninety seconds before going live, he turned to me, hit me on the shoulder and yelled, 'Isn't this job the best, bro?' RIP."

"While tears run down my cheeks, I feel a smile and warmth in my heart having been so fortunate to work with Dutch," Craig Button wrote. "He was everything you saw and so much more. A legend and truly a unicorn, the likes we will never see again. With love to his family and many friends. RIP."

"Speechless about the passing of our dear colleague and friend, Darren Dutchyshen," Pierre Houde wrote. "Every contact with him was a breath of fresh air. He was so amazingly courteous and reassuring for me, as a host, when I called a Habs game on TSN on Boxing Day in 1996! Rest in peace, mon ami."

"On behalf of the entire MLSE organization, we extend our deepest sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues with the loss of TSN host Darren Dutchyshen," Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment said in a statement. "He made the Canadian sports world a better place. RIP Dutchy."

"My favourite Dutchy moment: Darren and James Duthie were hosting the TSN Big Show," John Lu wrote. "Dutchy was reading a Cardinals highlight pack. Edgar Renteria was trying to leg out a triple and got thrown out. Dutchy: 'Renteria...Renteria...GONE-aria!!!' JD was speechless."

"There are no amount of words that could properly summarize a loss like this," Kayla Grey wrote. "A soul like Dutch's will make you believe in the power of energy. How it can radiate. How it can motivate. How it can encourage and how it can completely flip the bird to a seemingly bad day."

"The SportsCentre newsroom was a different place with Dutchy in it," Frank Corrado wrote. "His infectious energy brought out the best in those who were around him. An incredible person and broadcaster. We will miss you, Dutch."

"The NHL Alumni Association is heartbroken to learn that Canadian sportscaster, Darren Dutchyshen, has passed away at the age of 57," the NHL Alumni Association said in a statement. "We send our deepest condolences to the Dutchyshen family, his friends and teammates at TSN during this extremely difficult time."

"Heartbroken," Rod Black wrote. "Great man. Broadcaster. Friend to everyone. Always made me smile. RIP Dutch. You will be forever missed."

"Darren Dutchyshen was one of a kind in the broadcasting world," CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie wrote. "He spoke about our league with such passion and pride. He was a terrific interviewer - so professional and knowledgeable, but always incredibly friendly with a joke or two at the ready. When he came back on the air,every CFL fan cheered. We’ll always remember his love for the CFL, his wonderful heart and that booming laugh. Thank you, Dutchy. Our deepest condolences to all his family and friends."

"Oh no...dear Dutchie," Lisa Bowes wrote.

"Two years ago in Halifax, the CFL on TSN crew was having a drink at the Lower Deck," Matt Scianitti wrote. "We heard Dutch might join. My back was to the door, but you felt it when Dutch entered a room. The voice. The smile. The conquering king had returned to his friends. I jumped and gave my friend the biggest hug."

"So sad to hear the passing of Darren, such an incredible man, always smiling, always so kind," Chantal Machabee wrote. "My deepest condolences to his family, friends and his colleagues at TSN. RIP Darren."

"Very, very sorry to hear," Elliotte Friedman wrote. "A giant in our business."

"Sad day for all of us in Canadian broadcasting," Nick Kypreos wrote."

"Devastating news," Sid Seixeiro wrote. "Condolences to his entire family and broadcasting family. I never watched a broadcast with Darren in the chair where he didn't leave me with a smile on my face. An incredible talent."

"Very sad," Michael Grange wrote. "Dutchy was an institution whose love for his craft shone through with every show. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues."

"A very sad loss," Dave Randorf wrote. "Dutchy made you smile the moment he barged into the room. A proud Sasky who became one of the most beloved personalities TSN has ever had. On air and off the air. RIP Darren."

"The Saskatchewan Roughriders are heartbroken to hear of the passing of beloved SportsCentre host Darren Dutchyshen," the team said in a statement. "Born in Regina, and raised in Hudson Bay and Porcupine Plain, 'Dutchy' was always so proud of his Saskatchewan roots, and we were so proud that he was from Saskatchewan and a member of Rider Nation. We send our heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones, to our friends at TSN, and everyone who shared in his humour and infectious joy while watching him on SportsCentre. He will be deeply missed."

"Dutchy was a friend, a colleague and the lifeblood of TSN for nearly 30 years," Rod Smith wrote. "And one of the funniest, most original people I've ever known. One of a kind. His death makes me profoundly sad. But his memory will always make me smile. Rest in peace, Dutch."

"Dutchy was one of a kind," Sara Orlesky wrote. "Condolences to his family, many friends and the TSN family."

"An all-time legend," Arash Madani wrote. "Dutchyshen made watching sports highlights fun and upbeat, especially when no other platforms existed to catch out-of-town games. For a certain vintage, 'Back-to-back jacks, buh-bye," takes you back to a different time because of him. Rest easy, Darren."

"Words cannot describe how special he was, the ultimate pro and teammate, he will be missed dearly," Jamie McLennan wrote.

"Darren Dutchyshen never had a bad day," James Cybulski wrote. "Any night you watch him, he was at his best. Dutchy defined SportsCentre. It was a privilege and an honour to share the set with him a few occasions. A sad day losing a legendary personality and even better person."

"We grew up in the same neck of the woods," Brent Butt wrote. "Mind-blowing to see a kid my age doing sports on our local TV feed. We were proud to see him go on to become one of the best in the entire country. His cameo on Corner Gas is one of my faves. Such a talented and truly good guy."

"Darren Dutchyshen is one of the best broadcasters, regardless of genre, in Canadian history," Scott MacArthur wrote. "Unmistakable tenor and cadence mixed with his genuine enthusiasm and energy, which were as real off-air as they were on the air. RIP, Dutch. And love to your family and closest friends."

"Heartbreaking news," Chris Cuthbert wrote. "I first realized how special Darren was when he hosted the Oilers Stanley Cup celebrations at Commonweatlh Stadium. He whipped the crowd into a frenzy like the rock star he was. We'll all miss that larger than life personality, energy and passion. RIP Dutchy."

"Darren was a legendary voice in our country," Hockey Canada said in a statement. "We send our condolences to his family and friends, and to everyone at TSN."

"We send our deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Edmonton broadcasting legend Darren Dutchyshen," the Edmonton Oilers wrote. "RIP, Dutchy."

"Hadn't heard an update on him for a while," Blake Price wrote. "Gutting to hear. Darren was the heartbeat of the newsroom. Spoke to every single person as an equal, and loved to laugh. A lot. Can her it now. Will not be forgotten."

"An icon of Canadians sports broadcasting with TSN," the Ottawa Senators wrote, "our condolences to Dutchy's family and friends."

"One of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met: he felt very lucky to do what he did," Bruce Arthur wrote. "A proud Saskatchewan boy, and someone people will miss. Rest in peace, Dutchy."

"What a sad piece of news," Ian Mendes wrote. "Darren was the consummate pro and the face of SportsCentre for so many years. A true icon of sports broadcasting in Canada over the past 20 years. Sending all the love and sympathy to the TSN team that worked so closely with him."

"Only met Darren a few times, but once played a round at a charity golf event," Tom Harrington wrote. "Genuinely friendly and easy-going. He loved his home province and you always had the sense he'd won the lottery being a sportscaster. Far too young. Condolences to family, friends and colleagues at TSN. RIP Dutchy."

"The first time I did a SportsCentre show with Dutchy, I couldn't believe I was sitting next to someone I had watched for so many years," Holly Horton wrote. "When I asked if he would give me any feedback, he said, 'No I'm not going to do that.' Without a hint of condescension. His message was, if you're sitting with me, you've earned your spot, we're going to have fun, and you're my co-anchor for the hour. He was gracious, kind and supportive. A true showman, loving father, and always the biggest energy in the room."

"The Canada Soccer community is deeply saddened by the passing of Darren Dutchyshen," Canada Soccer said in a statement. "'Dutchy' was a key part of the Canadian sports landscape for the past three decades. His presence will be missed."

"My view for the last 20 years," Jennifer Hedger wrote with a photo from her SportsCentre chair. "Dutch was the best. Truly, the best. We will remember him tonight on SC. Raise a Pil to Dutchy tonight. I will. Thank you, Dutch. From all of us."

"Terribly sad day today," Mike Johnson wrote. "Dutchy was a great broadcaster, that much was obvious, but he was an equally incredible person off it. Dutchy had the ability to make you laugh and feel good about things, he was a great teammate. World is a little less bright today. RIP big man."

"Watched Dutchy on ITV as a teen," Derek Taylor wrote. "Wrote for him on SportsDesk in the '90s. Anchored with him on SportsCentre. I can't explain how much he meant to so many stages of my life. Dutchy will never be forgotten."

"We join our sports community in mourning the loss of broadcasting legend, Darren Dutchyshen," the Toronto Blue Jays wrote. "His impact will be remembered forever. Our hearts go out to his family and friends during this difficult time."