Every March is all about hoops madness for sports fans, and this year is no exception. Beginning today, fans missing the 2020 NCAA® MARCH MADNESS® action this year can relive the excitement when TSN broadcasts a wide-ranging slate of classic NCAA® MARCH MADNESS® games, including the 1979 National Championship airing this afternoon (March 26) at 12 noon ET on TSN4 and TSN5. Below are a few of the highlights that hoops fans can look forward to, and the complete broadcast schedule is available on TSN.ca.

Where The Magic Started – Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson
An undefeated Larry Bird and Indiana State faced Magic Johnson and Michigan State in the 1979 NCAA men’s national championship game. Magic scored a game-high 24 points and Michigan State went on to win 75-64 in the first classic Bird vs. Magic match-up. They would famously meet again a few more times down the line…

Busted Brackets – Some of the Biggest Upsets
The tournament has been filled with Cinderella stories and unexpected shining moments since its inception. TSN showcases a number of major upsets, highlighted by the 1985 national championship game and a 1993 first-round matchup featuring a familiar Canadian baller.

In 1985, 8th-seeded Villanova took on defending champions Georgetown in a game that became arguably one of the biggest upsets in tournament history. With the future #1 NBA draft pick Patrick Ewing leading Georgetown and the nation’s top defense, this team was an undisputed title favourite. However, after shooting an astounding 90% in the second half, Villanova pulled off a near-perfect basketball game to upset the #1 seed.

In 1993, 15th-seed Santa Clara was facing second seed Arizona in what was sure to be a cake walk of an early game for the Wildcats. Santa Clara was led by an unknown messy-haired Canadian named Steve Nash. With the game coming down to a few points and limited time remaining, Arizona’s Damon Stoudamire had a tying three at the buzzer, but it rimmed out and the Broncos pulled off the upset win.

Familiar Faces – NCAA Rising Stars Who’ve Dominated the NBA
As with Johnson and Bird, many NBA All-Stars, superstars, and Hall of Famers made a name for themselves throughout their NCAA career. These soon-to-be stars had some clutch performances in March, including Carmelo Anthony’s 2003 performance with Syracuse in the title game, Derek Rose with Memphis in 2008, and, of course, the University of Michigan’s Fab Five (Jimmy King, Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Ray Jackson, and Juwan Howard) in 1993 to name just a few.

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