TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor sits down with Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Craig Dickenson, who discusses believing in quarterback Cody Fajardo, the arrival of Jason Maas, and if there's any added pressure going into the season with the city hosting the 2020 Grey Cup.

On believing in Cody Fajardo long-term:

Midway through the season we started talking, Jeremy [O'Day] and I, about re-signing him and when’s the right time to do it. And we felt like as soon as we believed in him that he was our guy that the right time would be then. And so we started having those talks. I think he did enough during the year that showed us he’s the guy you can build around.

On hiring Jason Maas as offensive coordinator:

Coach [Stephen] McAdoo did a heck of a job. He had a good staff with him and they all did good work. But we just felt like with the ability to bring in Jason Maas, a guy that’s a proven not only coordinator but a head coach and a former quarterback at a high level. We felt like it was just a way to take maybe another step as an offence and I know Cody is looking forward to working with him.

On if there’s added pressure with Saskatchewan hosting the 2020 Grey Cup:

A little bit. The one thing is they love football, it’s 365 days a year in Saskatchewan and that’s one of the reasons I love the place and took this job. So they’re already talking about the Grey Cup. We all know that it’s such a big event that planning has to take place years in advance so there’s a lot of planning that’s already been done for that game and we’re going to do our best on the football side to try to be in it. We know it’s not easy and there’s a lot of expectations but that’s every team right now. There’s nine teams that feel they should be in the Grey Cup. Or that’s their goal to be in that game and we’re not any different.