With the CFL season over, a number of players will use the off-season to look for opportunities south of the border and sign with NFL clubs. TSN.ca tracks all the notable CFL players working out for and signing with NFL teams. Here are the players that have deals in place with NFL teams.


Bralon Addison (Minnesota Vikings)

NFL Workout Watch: WR Bralon Addison

After working out for multiple teams and receiving offers from the Browns, Vikings and 49ers, former Tiger-Cats wide receiver Bralon Addison has decided to sign with Minnesota. CFL Insider Farhan Lalji has more on Addison's decision and how his versatility can help him make an impact in the NFL.

Position: WR    Age: 26    2019 Team: Hamilton Tiger-Cats


2019 Stats

GP Rec Yds TD
16 95 1,236 7

Notes: Addison took his time weighing offers from the Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, and Cleveland Browns before finally making a decision. Addison does have a relationship with All-Pro receiver Stefon Diggs. The two played high school football in the same area and Addison did reach out to Diggs and sought his advice before finally making a decision.

With Addison, he’s not necessarily going to be a player that gets involved in the return game or play on specials, he’s not necessarily a pure straight line speed guy, but he does have a tremendous amount of quickness and if he’s going to make this team he’s going to have to do it as a slotback. He does have some versatility, he has plenty of intelligence, and can be moved around in an offence. – Farhan Lalji


DaShaun Amos (Green Bay Packers)

NFL Workout Watch: DB DaShaun Amos

Former Stamps DB DaShaun Amos has agreed to terms with the Green Bay Packers, adding to the revolving door that has seen some big names leave Calgary this off-season. Dave Naylor has more.

Position: DB    Age: 25    2019 Team: Calgary Stampeders


2019 Stats

GP Tkl Int Sk
17 42 5 0

Notes: The Packers were one of four NFL teams Amos worked out for, the others being the Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, and Arizona Cardinals. He was considered one of the more underrated players on Calgary’s defence last year.

There are no guarantees for him in this contract, no money up front. So he will have to make an impact through the OTA season and into training camp. He’ll also have to make an impact on special teams. – Dave Naylor


Reggie Begelton (Green Bay Packers)

NFL Workout Watch: WR Reggie Begelton

Former Calgary Stampeders wide receiver Reggie Begelton is now a member of the Green Bay Packers. CFL Insider Farhan Lalji says Begelton worked out for eight NFL teams, but his ability to be a possession target made him that much more appealing for the Packers.

Position: WR    Age: 26    2019 Team: Calgary Stampeders


2019 Stats

GP Rec Yds TD
17 102 1,444 10

Notes: Begelton worked out for eight different NFL teams. About half the teams were concerned about Begelton’s speed – he’s not a natural straight line burner. The other teams were looking for more of a possession target and that is what Begelton should give to the Packers.

The Packers are trying to upgrade their receiving corps this off-season. You’ve got Davante Adams and after that the next closest receiver didn’t have more than 35 catches. Begelton will give them a solid possession target. – Farhan Lalji


Chris Edwards (San Francisco 49ers)

NFL Workout Watch: DB Chris Edwards

With no assurances, defensive back Chris Edwards will hope to make the 49ers. In three seasons with the Eskimos and Lions, Edwards has demonstrated his athleticism, but what does his size mean for him in the NFL game? CFL Insider Dave Naylor discusses.

Position: DB    Age: 27    2019 Team: BC Lions


2019 Stats

GP Tkl Int Sk
18 50 1 1

Notes: This is a guy who has an opportunity but no assurances. In three CFL seasons with the Eskimos and Lions, Edwards has demonstrated his athleticism and ability to cover in space. He played outside linebacker with the Lions last season, but at 217 pounds he projects as a box safety in the NFL, someone who can play close to the line of scrimmage. And also use his athleticism on special teams. – Dave Naylor


Jonathan Kongbo (San Francisco 49ers)

NFL Workout Watch: DE Jonathan Kongbo

Former Blue Bombers defensive lineman Jonathan Kongbo has signed with the San Francisco 49ers. CFL Insider Farhan Lalji explains why his length and athleticism made him so appealing and why he'll likely get a lengthy look in the NFL.

Position: DE    Age: 23    2019 Team: Winnipeg Blue Bombers


2019 Stats

GP Tkl Sk Int
12 12 1 0

Notes: When you look at Kongbo and his skillset, he played a number of positions at the University of Tennessee, and he’s ideally suited for an NFL 4-3 defensive end. If he did not have a knee injury in his senior year at Tennessee he probably would have had an NFL opportunity directly out of college.

When you look at his measurables, he is long – 6’5, 265 pounds – extremely athletic. He really blew the doors off the 49ers in the two workouts they brought him in for. They liked him there and he’s going to get a long look. The Blue Bombers expect him to, if not make the team right away, certainly be on a practice roster and get a lengthy opportunity in the NFL. – Farhan Lalji


Derrick Moncrief (Las Vegas Raiders)

NFL Workout Watch: LB Derrick Moncrief

Former Roughriders linebacker Derrick Moncrief has signed with the Las Vegas Raiders after a breakout CFL campaign. CFL Insider Farhan Lalji explains that eight teams were interested in Moncrief but his versatility and athleticism made him an easy signing for the Raiders.

Position: LB/CB    Age: 26    2019 Team: Saskatchewan Roughriders


2019 Stats

GP Tkl Int Sk
17 69 3 4

Notes: Eight different teams were interested in Moncrief’s services, he worked out for all eight of those teams, and the things the Raiders really liked about him was his versatility and his athleticism.

He played the SAM linebacker spot in the CFL, which quite often translate into the strong safety position in the NFL. That’s likely where Moncrief will get his first look, but the Raiders do believe he can give them some versatility at an inside linebacker spot in passing situations and in sub-packages. They also think he could be an outstanding special teams player, and it’s a Raiders team that really wants to turn over it’s linebacking corps this off-season. – Farhan Lalji


Winston Rose (Cincinnati Bengals)

NFL Workout Watch: DB Winston Rose

Former Winnipeg Blue Bombers cornerback Winston Rose has signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. CFL Insider Farhan Lalji explains why after working out with three NFL teams, the Bengals were extremely impressed with Rose's ball skills, so much so that they couldn't pass on him.

Position: CB    Age: 26    2019 Team: Winnipeg Blue Bombers


2019 Stats

GP Punts Avg Long
18 132 48 77

Notes: From what I’m told the Bengals defensive coordinator was absolutely blown away by Rose’s workout, particularly with his ball skills. They think he has the natural ability to play on the outside as a cornerback, he won’t necessarily get moved around to other positions in the secondary. They like his length but they do believe he needs to add another 5-10 pounds of strength. – Farhan Lalji


Marcus Sayles (Minnesota Vikings)

NFL Workout Watch: CB Marcus Sayles

Marcus Sayles made a big impact on special teams with the Blue Bombers and it's a big reason why the Vikings signed him to a deal. CFL Insider Dave Naylor discusses where he could contribute in Minnesota and what holes Winnipeg will have to plug with his departure.

Position: DB    Age: 25    2019 Team: Winnipeg Blue Bombers


2019 Stats

GP Tkl Int Sk
18 64 3 1

Notes: Sayles is another one of these CFL players who has made a big impact on special teams and will be expected to do so in Minnesota. He’s known as a player with great ball skills, whether it means making a block on special teams or with interceptions, which he had three of last year. He’s not big, but at 5’9 and 176 lbs, he could contribute as a nickel back in passing situations for the Vikings. – Dave Naylor


William Stanback (Las Vegas Raiders)

NFL Workout Watch: RB William Stanback

William Stanback was one of the most sought-after CFL free agents, getting offers from five NFL teams, before opting to sign for the Raiders. CFL Insider Dave Naylor explains what can be expected of him in Las Vegas and where his absence leaves the Alouettes at the running back position.

Position: RB    Age: 25    2019 Team: Montreal Alouettes


2019 Stats

GP Car Yds TD
14 170 1,048 5

Notes: One of the most sought after CFL free agents, William Stanback had offers from five different NFL teams before opting to sign with the Las Vegas Raiders. He’ll be expected to be the primary backup to starter Josh Jacobs and a feature on short yardage. Jacobs had the fourth-most carries per game in most recent NFL season but was injured by the end of the year. Stanback can lighten his load while giving the Raiders a versatile running back who can rush with power and also catch the ball out of the backfield, which is important in a Jon Gruden offence. – Dave Naylor


Nick Usher (Las Vegas Raiders)

NFL Workout Watch: LB Nick Usher

Former Eskimos defensive end Nick Usher has signed a deal with the Raiders after going through a half-dozen workouts with NFL teams. CFL Insider Dave Naylor details what his versatile game can offer Las Vegas, which sees his youth as another positive.

Position: DE    Age: 24    2019 Team: Edmonton Eskimos


2019 Stats

GP Tkl Sk Int
18 36 6 0

Notes: Usher had a half dozen NFL workouts and offers from three teams. He’ll be expected to come in and be a hybrid linebacker, pass rusher off the edge, and special teamer. Usher can do everything from cover a running back or a tight end coming out of the backfied, to rushing down and covering kicks. We see this a lot, versatility and athleticism are things that NFL teams come looking for in players from the CFL. Another thing they look for is youth and at the age of 24, the Raiders can see a lot of upside in the 6’3, 235 lbs Usher. - Dave Naylor


Kendal Vickers (Las Vegas Raiders)

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Position: DT    Age: 24    2019 Team: Edmonton Eskimos


2019 Stats

GP DT Sk Int
18 12 2 0