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Jun 13, 2024

Ray Lalonde: The Passing of a NBA Legend!

We are losing many sports legends these days, and today was no different with the passing of one of the all-time NBA greats, Jerry West. Last week, it was Bill Walton. Let’s talk about Jerry West and his glorious half-century career, and remember a few others that have passed away.

Ray Lalonde

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    1st Half with guest - Evan Bush

    This week on The 1st Half, Paul Desbaillets sits down with Evan Bush goalkeeper for the Columbus Crew and former Montreal Impact keeper, to talk about his journey into the game of football, how difficult it can be to be a keeper, dealing with injuries, Canada’s run at the Copa America, his disdain for Jordan Pickford and more. Paul breaks down this week’s hot topics including, the Euro Final between England and Spain, Gareth Southgate’s managerial record, the Copa America Final between Argentina and Colombia and the 3rd place game that will feature Canada and Uruguay. Tune into The 1st Half Culture Show every Friday at 6pm where you can expect the unexpected with weekly guests, deep dives into soccer's heart, its influence on pop culture, and the kind of banter only Paul can deliver.

  • Jul 11

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    Ray Lalonde: New NBA Media Deal

    The money in sports is just crazy. The NBA is about to sign off on the largest media deal in the history of the sport. The NHL is coming off a year with record levels of league revenues. We saw billions of dollars in free agency spent last week in both leagues. And the NFL lost a $4,7B Sunday Ticket class action lawsuit related to consumer prices. Incredible levels of commercialism. I want to talk about how leagues and teams generate revenue and what the differences are between local and national sources. We can use the NFL as an example. What/where do teams make money? What do they keep for themselves? What areas are under the responsibility of Leagues? How is that split up? How do certain teams make more or get richer faster than others?

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