NFL owners have tabled the Rooney Rule resolution to incentivize the hiring of minority coaches and front office staff, according to NFL reporter Jim Trotter. 

The Rooney Rule resolution requires teams to interview at least two minority candidates outside of their organization for head coaching positions, and one minority candidate for coordinator positions.

The incentives would have been improved draft positions for teams that hire minority head coaches or general managers. The improved draft position would have come in the third round and teams would have also been given compensatory selections if teams lost a minority candidate to a head coaching position or if teams kept minority candidates in the head coach or general manager role into a third year. columnist Judy Battista added tabling a proposal is generally what is done if the owners don't think there is enough support for the proposal and to go back to the drawing board to improve the proposal rather than let it fail.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said during Super Bowl Week that changes to the Rooney Rule were needed.