Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel says he isn't remotely concerned by the scuffle on Thursday when rookie wide receiver A.J. Brown got into it with New England Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore at the teams' joint practice.

"If that's a fight to you, man you've never been in a fight," Vrabel said after practice. "We just don't want any punches thrown."

The NFL Network's Mike Giardi reports that a trio of players from both clubs broke up the scuffle before it could turn into anything else.

Vrabel said the incident was just the result of two competitive teams working together.

"I'm going to make sure we do [joint practices] with people that we trust that aren't sharing information and practise the same way we do, and believe in competing hard and finishing by not throwing punches," Vrabel said. "I understand that it's competitive -- they're pro football players. We want them to be really competitive. Is there going to be pushing and shoving? Yeah, I would figure there would be. But can they play with enough composure to break it up like they do in a game and go back? There's pushing and shoving in every game, and if you don't throw a punch they're going to let you go back into the huddle."

The Titans will play host to the Pats in Week 2 of preseason action on Saturday.