The CFL Players Poll results were released today, with the league-wide survey answering questions such as who is the league’s toughest player? It’s hardest hitter? And of course it’s best Tweeter?

2015 CFL Players Poll

Category Player
Most Underrated Player Brad Sinopoli
Hardest Hitter Adam Bighill
Best Hands S.J. Green*
Most Electrifying Player Brandon Banks
Most Accurate Passer Henry Burris
Nastiest Player Dominic Picard
Biggest Trash Talker Simoni Lawrence*
Toughest Player Mike Reilly
Most Challenging to Take Down Jerome Messam
Fastest Player Brandon Banks*
First Year Player Destined to be a Star Derel Walker
Best Tweeter Ricky Foley

* Repeat Winner

There were only four repeat winners from last year’s survey, down from six a year ago. Edmonton Eskimos QB Mike Reilly was once again named Toughest Player while Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ kick returner Brandon Banks took home Fastest Player for the second straight year and his Ticats teammate Simoni Lawrence won Biggest Trash Talker once again.

TSN's Matthew Scianitti caught up with the trash talker and experienced some of the wit that helped him top the category when he was asked which four categories he thought he was a finalist in.

Trash talking, I’m definitely going to be in there. Hardest Hitter, I have to be in there. You know, with my picks, you have to give me some hands. I have hands! You have to put me Top 10 at least (Best Hands). I know there are a lot of Adarius Bowman’s and Fred Stamps and SJ Green but I’m coming for you guys, Lawrence said, laughing.

Alouettes WR SJ Green was of course once again awarded ‘Best Hands.’


Lawrence also shared some of his secrets that got him voted the Biggest Trash Talker in the league.

"Usually I go after the real sentimental guys. Guys that you know you can get under their skin; guys that are really going to get upset."

When asked who that list might include, Lawrence offered up a timely example.

"Henry Burris. You can get under his skin pretty easy."

Lawrence was also voted the league's fourth hardest hitter. He had some fun with the player he just beat on the list.

"A slotback?! If it is a slotback, Nik Lewis."

"He’s the same size as my defensive tackles and he can run like a linebacker so it’s like big ball, little ball," Lawrence laughed.

The seven newcomers voted atop a category this year include Brad Sinopoli, taking over for Kevin Glenn as the Most Underrated; Adam Bighill, beating out teammate Solomon Elimimian as the Hardest Hitter; Henry Burris as the new Most Accurate Passer over Ricky Ray; Dominic Picard, beating Shea Emry in the Nastiest Player category; Jerome Messam replacing Jon Cornish as the Toughest to Bring Down; Derel Walker the new First Year Player Destined for Stardom; and last but not least, Ricky Foley subbing in for Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson as the Best Tweeter.

Full results:

Most Underrated Player: 
Brad Sinopoli – 10 
Luke Tasker – 7
Brian Ramsay – 7
Marquay McDaniel – 7
Chris Rainey – 4
Hardest Hitter:
Adam Bighill – 34
Winston Venable – 25
Tyron Brackenridge – 18
Simoni Lawrence – 12
Nik Lewis – 10
Solomon Elimimian - 10
Best Hands:
S.J. Green – 54
Eric Rogers – 23
Luke Tasker – 18
Brad Sinopoli – 12
Marquay McDaniel – 10
Most Electrifying Player:
Brandon Banks – 74
Stefan Logan – 33
Henry Burris – 5
Chris Williams – 5
Chris Rainey – 5
Eric Rogers – 5
Chad Owens – 5
Most Accurate Passer:
Henry Burris – 53
Zach Collaros – 40
Trevor Harris – 33
Bo-Levi Mitchell – 26
Ricky Ray – 13
Nastiest Player:
Dominic Picard – 47
Cleyon Laing – 15
Kyries Hebert – 9
Simoni Lawrence – 6
John Chick – 5
Biggest Trash Talker:
Simoni Lawrence – 48
Charleston Hughes – 14
Odell Willis – 13
Vidal Hazelton – 12
Nik Lewis – 8
Toughest Player:
Mike Reilly – 34
Drew Willy – 16
Adam Bighill – 11
Henry Burris – 9
Almondo Sewell – 6
Most Challenging Player to Take Down:
Jerome Messam – 41
Nik Lewis – 42 (3)
Jon Cornish – 31
Henry Burris – 7
Tyrell Sutton – 7
Fastest Player: 
Brandon Banks – 74
Chris Williams – 38
Chris Rainey – 15
Stefan Logan – 10
Terrell Sinkfield jr. – 5
2015 First Year Player destined to be a Star:
Derel Walker – 37
Nic Demski – 26
Jonathan Jennings - 11
Chris Ackie – 8
Khalil Bass – 6
CFL’s Best Tweeter: 
Ricky Foley – 10
Simoni Lawrence – 9
SirVincent Rogers – 7
Andre Durie – 4
Nik Lewis – 3