What is it?

The 2016 Halo World Championship is the final event of the 2016 Halo World Championship season.

The Halo World Championship season is made up of 10 live events and 43 online qualifiers across the North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Australia/New Zealand (ANZ), Latin America and Asia regions.

This year's event will be held from March 18-20 in Hollywood, California.


Who gets to come?

Sixteen teams are invited to the 2016 HWC based on performances in regional qualifiers. Each region is granted a certain number of entrants.

NA - 8 | EMEA - 4 | ANZ - 2 | ASIA - 1 | LATAM - 1


What does it look like?

The sixteen teams are divided into groups of four (A,B,C,D). Each team plays the other three teams in a best-of-five match to decide who will advance to the elimination round. The top two advance to the championship bracket while the bottom two finish 9th-16th.

The championship bracket is set up randomly with a top team from each group facing the runner-up in each group. The quarter-finals are decided by a best-of-five series and the semifinals and finals a best-of-seven.


What's at stake?

Only the largest prize pool for a console game in the history of esports - $2.5 million.

2016 Halo World Championship prize breakdown

Place Prize (USD) Percentage
1st $1,000,000 40%
2nd $500,000 20%
3rd-4th $250,000 10%
3rd-4th $250,000 10%
5th-8th $75,000 3%
5th-8th $75,000 3%
5th-8th $75,000 3%
5th-8th $75,000 3%


Who's coming?

The groups are set and the sixteen best Halo teams from around the world are ready to rumble in Hollywood on March 18.

2016 Halo World Championship Group Stage

Chosen Squad (LATAM) Team Immunity (ANZ)
exceL eSports (EMEA) Denial eSports (NA)
Team Allegiance (NA) FAB Games eSports (EMEA)
Team Liquid (NA) Team eLevate (NA)
Team Infused (EMEA) Counter Logic Gaming (NA)
Team Exile5 (ANZ) Team Skyfire (ASIA)
Evil Geniuses (NA) Epsilon eSports (EMEA)
Renegades (NA) Cloud9 (NA)