Canada advances to a gold medal match against the United States on Thursday night thanks to a 5-2 victory over Sweden in the semifinal.'s live Game Day Blog has all of the highlights and tweets from an impressive Canadian victory.



Canada ices the semifinal with a 5-2 empty net goal

Canada extends lead to 4-2


End of the second period, Canada leads 3-2




Canada takes the lead 3-2


At the end of the first period the game is tied 2-2


Canada ties the game once again, 2-2




2-1 Sweden retakes the lead, Canada makes a goaltending change


Canada ties the game 1-1


1-0 Sweden








World Junior Notes: 

Team that scored first is 19-5 (FIN lost to SWE, CZE lost to DEN, LAT lost SVK, DEN lost to SUI, CZE lost to CAN QF)

14 of the 24 games had at least 2G leads entering 3rd pd

3 games tied entering 3rd pd (FIN/CZE), (SWE/SUI), (FIN/SWE)

7 games 1G lead entering 3rd Pd (CZE led DEN, lost in OT), (USA led vs RUS and won), (DEN led SUI, DEN lost in SO), (SVK led vs LAT and won), (RUS led vs SVK and won), (USA led vs SUI and won QF), (CAN led vs CZE and won QF)



Scored first in 4 of 5GP (4-0)

Outscored opponent 10-2 in 1st Pd (only trailed FIN, 1-0, at end of 1st)

Time Trailing at 2017 WJC 15:41 (1-0 to FIN)



Scored first in 3 of 5GP (3-0)

4GF and 4GA in 1st pd (3GF vs LAT), 3GP 0G in 1st pd



Scored first in all 5GP (5-0)

Outscored opponent 8-3 in 1st pd

Have not trailed in any game



Scored first in 3GP (3-0), 0-2 when they did not score first

Outscored opponent 7-2 in 1st pd


USA vs Russia - 3PM et/12:30pm pt (in Montreal)

USA beat RUS 3-2 in prelim round. RUS beat USA in SF last year

USA Bronze in 2016:

2 medals past 5 years, gold in 2013, bronze last year

lost in SF last year, last SF win was in 2013

7/23 on PP (ranks 4th)

Keller (3G, 5A)

RUS Silver in 2016:

won a medal 6  straight years and 11 of past 12 years

made gold medal game (lost both) in 15&16, last gold in 2011, won bronze in 13&14

7/20 on PP (ranks 3rd), best team sv% .930

Kaprizov (7G, 3A)


Canada vs Sweden - 730PM et/ 4:30pm pt (in Montreal)

SWE has won last 2 meetings with CAN including last year in prelim round

Both teams tied for WJC lead in goals with 26

CAN 6th in 2016:

one medal in previous 4 WJC, Gold in 2015. 1-3 last 4 SF games (2012-15)

best PP 9/23 (39.1%), .874 team sv% only LAT is worse .850

Strome (2G, 6A)

SWE 4th in 2016:

finished 4th in (15&16), played in gold medal game in (12&13&14) won in 2012

2nd best PP  5/13 (38.5%)

Nylander (5G, 6A) leads WJC in PTS