The Arizona Coyotes are in "advanced stages" of discussions with Arizona State University and arena manager OVG Facilities to temporarily use the school's arena as they wait for approval and construction of their own new building.

According to writer Craig Morgan, the NHL team is negotiating a three-year deal, with an option for a fourth year if construction of their new proposed arena in Tempe takes longer.

Arizona State's arena, which is scheduled to be completed in December, will seat 5,000 spectators. When asked about the Coyotes playing in an arena with such a low capacity, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told that it, “depends on the totality of circumstances, but I wouldn’t rule it out."

“While we have arena standards, we would approach the entire situation in a way intended to accommodate the club’s needs in effectuating a successful transition to a new venue,” he wrote in an email. “While there may very well be some, I can’t think of any hard and fast rules that couldn’t be relaxed to accommodate what is necessary.”

The city of Glendale announced last August that it chose not to renew the operating agreement with the Coyotes beyond this season and that the 2021-22 campaign would be the team’s last at Gila River Arena. The Coyotes have played there since 2003.

In September, the team submitted a bid for two parcels of a 46-acre tract of land in Tempe in an effort to build a new permanent home. “We are pleased to have submitted a proposal to the City of Tempe," the Coyotes said in a statement. "As regulations surrounding the RFP process dictate, we cannot comment any further at this time, but we remain incredibly excited about this extraordinary opportunity.”

On Dec. 9, the Coyotes paid off overdue taxes and other bills one day after receiving word the city of Glendale was going to lock the team out of Gila River Arena if all outstanding debts to the city and the management company for the arena were not paid.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman downplayed any potential issues with the Coyotes when he spoke with the media last month at the Board of Governors meetings in Florida. "The Coyotes aren't going anywhere," he said in addressing rumours of the franchise moving to another market.