Summers are usually filled with great memories of lounging around in the backyard pool. However, this year, the bears have been stealing all of the fun.

A shocked family in New Jersey watched as a mother bear and five cubs ran absolutely wild in the backyard enjoying the pool and playing with swings before ripping apart pool toys and destroying the garden.

The woman filming the video seems to initially enjoy the chaotic scene telling her young daughter, "the bears are having the time of their lives."

But as the bears show no intention of leaving, she attempts to calm her distraught daughter who is overheard saying, “Oh no! My floatie, my floatie” as the cubs are shown ripping the pool toy to shreds. The action then picks up as the mother bear joins in the roughhousing before jumping back in the pool to cool off.

This video comes on the heels of a bear in Vancouver shown trying to beat the heat by taking a refreshing dip in a family's backyard pool.

This summer has definitely been all about the bears.