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Longer and straighter. It’s the combination that every golfer wants, especially when it comes to tee shots.

That’s precisely what Callaway has promised with a new wave of equipment for 2023. Utilizing new construction methods, a mix of materials, ingenious designs and innovative weight distribution, a line of new clubs highlight the offerings for 2023.

Callaway has unveiled its line of Paradym drivers, the first in its line to be constructed without any titanium. Instead, the club uses a light-weight 360-degree carbon chassis, which allows weight to be moved around to different parts of the clubhead. A triaxial carbon crown and forged carbon sole, which combine to make up the chassis, add up to a 44 per cent savings in weight.

Callaway says the redistribution of weight means more ball speed and better forgiveness on the off-centre hits.

Callaway has also utilized Artificial Intelligence (AI) to continue with its Jailbreak technology, which keeps the club’s face stable, and for a new face optimization that promotes high energy transfer to the ball, meaning better launch angle, spin, and downrange dispersion.

There are three models in the Paradym driver family: the Paradym, which will be suited to a wide range of golfers; the Paradym X, which would fit players looking for forgiveness and a draw bias, and Paradym Triple Diamond, for those who still want to work the ball.

The Paradym line includes a range of fairways, hybrids, and irons.

The irons also utilize AI in design to create a forged iron, which has been optimized for speed, higher launch and spin consistency. The clubs have a new hollow-body design with a frame that adds stiffness while permitting a thinner face that gives feel.

There are two models of irons available: the Paradym, for players who want a distance iron, and Paradym X which offers distance with a premium forged feel.