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Flying through the air with the greatest of ease used to be associated with trapeze artists, but Cobra has moved that description to its new line of drivers, fairways, and hybrids.

The company has launched the Aerojet family, built on a streamlined, aerodynamic shaping of clubheads that allows them to travel through the golf swing with minimal restriction from the air around it.

The drivers are built with a streamlined frontal area, a raised aft and skirt, and a more curved crown with a peak a far from the club’s face as possible. Together, these add up to a significant reduction in drag which, the company says, translates to increased clubhead speed and a better aerodynamic performance.

Compared to Cobra’s previous offering, the LTDx LS, the new Aerojet driver produced up to 1.5 mph more clubhead speed during robot testing. Not surprisingly, Cobra says this is the fastest driver it has created.

In addition to the aerodynamics, the clubs have PWR-BRIDGE weighting, a suspended weight design. An internal bridge structure allows much of the weight to sit above the sole, giving the club a low, forward centre of gravity.

There are three offerings in the new lineup: the Aerojet, Aerojet LS and Aerojet Max. Cobra says all three deliver faster clubhead speed and ball speed.

The Aerojet LS driver – LS for low spin – features the most aggressive aerodynamic shape designed for players with faster swing speeds with forward adjustable heel and toe weights that tune a neutral to fade-biased ball flight.

The Aerojet driver blends low spin performance with added stability and slightly higher launch than the LS model, using a 12-gram fixed back weight.

The Aerojet Max delivers maximum forgiveness and trajectory height through an adjustable back and heel weight (a 12 gram and a three gram) that can also be used to deliver a draw-bias when the weights are flipped.

“The aerodynamic package in the new Aerojet family of drivers is our most advanced to date,” said Mike Yagley, vice-president of Innovation, COBRA Golf. “We continue to balance the aggressive streamlining with optimum mass and resilience properties to give players maximum club head speed and ball launch characteristics for increased distance.”

The Aerojet line has a full complement of fairways and hybrids, both of which feature the PWR-BRIDGE weighting.

The fairways have a more forward centre of gravity for more speed and low spin while also creating a more flexible face and sole area to maximize speed and distance.

The hybrids offer up a new shape with lower heel, more rounded crown and slightly raised aft.

The drivers retail for $699.99, the fairways $399.99 and the hybrids are $329.99.