The Tampa Bay Buccaneers missed the playoffs for an 11th straight season and coach Dirk Koetter got fired as a result.

Cornerback Brent Grimes can pinpoint the exact moment when the season went downhill. Well, for him at least.

Appearing on his wife Miko's podcast, the 35-year-old veteran says he was disrespected during a Week 3 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers when he was asked to cover Antonio Brown because he wasn't paid enough.

A 12-year veteran, Grimes signed a one-year, $7 million deal with the Bucs and that was fine for him up until the Steelers game.

“We get to the Steelers and then they start asking me to follow people," Grimes told his wife (transcribed by

Grimes explained his belief that corners "that follow receivers all the time...earn $13 to $15 million." Only eight corners in the league earn in that range with Washington's Josh Norman the highest-paid at the position at $15 million a season. Grimes was the Bucs' top-paid receiver and the 27th-highest-paid in the NFL.

The Philadelphia native said the game with the Steelers - the then-undefeated Bucs fell 30-27 - ruined the entire season for him.

“That just f***ed up my whole vibe for the whole year, to be completely honest,” Grimes said.

Grimes appeared in 13 games this season, recording 48 tackles.