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Airing throughout the summer from the season's opening game until Labour Day weekend, Thursday Night Football showcases engaging and inspiring music from some of Canada's up and coming local bands.

Week 15 - Cold Capital (from Ottawa)


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Cold Capital first burst onto the Ottawa music scene in 2011. Blending classic blues techniques with modern rock, roots, and soul, they’ve harnessed a rock revivalist sound comparable to The Black Crowes and The Sheepdogs. On stage, this translates into a raw rock n’ roll tour-de-force that gets audiences moving more with every riff.

Matt and Erik’s smooth, but in-your-face guitar styles are accented by Erik's distinctively raw vocal stylings and the thunderous rhythm section of Andrew and Jay, as Nick’s organ work and vocal harmonies tie the ensemble together. Past performances have garnered them a solid fan base, allowing them to share the stage with several acts from across the country as well as being a part of featured artist showcases at Canadian Music Week in 2013 and 2014. Most recently, Cold Capital recently opened for Jeff Tweedy and Journey at the 20th Anniversary of RBC Ottawa Bluesfest before stepping back into the studio to record their follow up album to their self-titled EP.


Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

Week 10 - Polista (from Montreal)


Sleek and swift with a built-in element of surprise. It’s what made for a legendary fighter plane, a beautiful and formidable killer. Same goes for equally deadly Spitfire, the pistons pounding, barrels-blazing first offering from Montreal rockers Polista. It’s a song that gives a nod to its namesake in similarly soaring style, a no-nonsense statement maker from this prodigiously talented new duo.

Formed by singer/multi-instrumentalist Mat Joly and singer/multi-instrumentalist Alex D. in the summer of 2014, Polista channels the pair’s shared musical interests and influences – game changers like The Stone Roses, Jane’s Addiction, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Primal Scream – through a transformative filter that is wholly their own. The result is big: big guitars and electronic beats backing sky-high choruses, made all the more impressive by the twosome’s uncannily complementary twin vocals attack. Also on the huge side? Their respect for one another.

“Mat’s will to succeed and dedication strongly motivated me to work with him,” says Alex. “His experience is also definitely a plus for this project. We listen to the same bands and have the same influences, so when we work together, great things happen. Mat’s a hard worker, a passionate musician, a very talented writer and the best partner I’ve ever had.”

Joly seconds that emotion. “Working with Alex has been a breath of fresh air,” he says, noting that while the two went to high school together, they only recently came to actually know one another. “I think we’re a perfect match musically and we’ve also developed a real friendship. Sharing the same influences and goals means writing music that has, we hope, the potential to be timeless.”

That music will come in the form of Polista’s forthcoming, self-titled debut EP, featuring the aforementioned monster of a song Spitfire, as well as equally standout tracks like the infectious, psychedelia-inflected riff rocker Ain’t Never Enough and the ridiculously catchy, summery and upbeat Never Let You Down. As opening salvos go, these songs mark Polista’s shot-like entry onto the scene, and fans of brainy and ballsy rock be warned: you’re in the line of fire.

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

Week 10 - The Castor Troys (from Hamilton)


The Castor Troys


Formed in 2009, The Castor Troys mix hard-hitting lyrics and stories, driving guitars and a never-say-die attitude. They write fiery and infectious songs. Obstacles be damned, the group has persevered through cancer, hard times and other unforeseen band challenges, including the tragic loss of their original bassist, Pete Nunn. Named after the brilliant, flamboyant villain in John Woo's classic Face/Off, The Castor Troys mirror this combination of elegance, intelligence, power and intensity. The sound is relentless, yet comes from careful crafting. The Castor Troys play for keeps.


Official Website | Facebook | Twitter


Week 9 - Pigeon Park (from Vancouver)

Pigeon Park

There is an old expression that sums up Vancouver's Pigeon Park and has acted as an inspiration for their forthcoming six-song EP entitled Stripes.

For the hard-rocking quintet the phrase 'earning your stripes' has a profoundly personal meaning. It refers to the countless hours rehearsing, touring and toiling - doing everything it takes to become better musicians, better songwriters and a better live act. It comes from a military tradition whereby a solider would show the dedication, professionalism and attitude to move up the ranks and get another 'stripe' on their uniform.

Working with one of Canada's most respected and prolific producers, Garth Richardson (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Hedley) at Fader Mountain Sound, Pigeon Park members Nick Weber (lead vocals), Kevin Okabe (guitarist), Artur Leppert (bass guitar), Hunter Elliott (drums) and Logan Pacholok (guitar) have created a new album that is a true benchmark for the band.

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

Week 8 - Amasic (from Montreal)

Amasic - TNF


Amasic is a pop-rock quartet based out of Montreal, Canada. Amasic found it's humble beginnings in the bedroom of lead vocalist Janick Thibault who laid the foundation for Amasic through his creative renditions of popular alternative songs that he released through youtube. After several years of releasing covers, Janick reached out to local friends Jessy Bergy, Matt McCormack, and Mehdi Zidani to form what fans have come to receive as Amasic. 


Official Website | Facebook | Twitter


Week 7 - Silver Spurs (from New Westminster, BC)

Silver Spurs


Silver Spurs are a four-piece modern alternative band based out of New Westminster, BC formed by Michael Sheldrake, Ryan Rathgeber, and Jeremy Rae. While drawing inspiration from 1990's indie rock, pop and post-rock, the band is not afraid to venture out and try something new. They've created a unique sound and as they continue to play bigger and better shows, they work behind the scenes on the next evolution of modern rock.


Official Website | Twitter | Facebook


Week 6 - In Transformation (from Winnipeg)




Calling Winnipeg, Manitoba home In Transformation took form in the summer of 2006. Years of experience, dedication and perseverance has brought the band to a mature level as a group. In Transformation combines solid rhythms and striking guitars against powerful vocals that hold you close with great range, energy and emotion.


Official Website | Twitter | Facebook 


Week 4 - October Sky (from Montreal)


October Sky


Originating in Montreal, Canada, October Sky is a rock/alternative duo consisting of Karl Raymond (Lead singer/Guitar) and Alex Racine (Drums). Having played music together for more than 10 years, they released 2 full-length albums, 2 EPs and toured across Canada and Europe several times.


The band is actually working on a new 7 track EP called ‘’Rise’’ that will see the light during fall 2015 followed by a tour across the United States. 


Official Website | Twitter | Facebook


Week 3 - The Royal Foundry (from Alberta)


The Royal Foundry


Bethany and Jared Salte were married three years ago and started The Royal Foundry, playing their first show together at the GMA Awards for their nominated single 'Run Back.'


Their journey of music making and success has continued to build as they have toured and gone viral while their name has been spread worldwide with their first album 'Wherever We Go.' All while they start working on their sophomore album due next year. The excitment has not died down, even after the year anniversary of their debut album release.


Official Website | Twitter | Facebook


Week 2 - Bleed American (from Winnipeg)


Bleed America


Bleed American is a rock band from Winnipeg, MB. The band formed in early 2014, releasing their debut EP Bleed American on February 25th to a frenzy of buzz and fanfare from the likes of Exclaim, Absolutepunk, Dying Scene and The Uniter, while covering ground all across Western Canada.


Before their EP becomes even a year old the band will have released their debut album Figure It Out and be hitting the road across Canada in support of it.


Official Website | Twitter | Facebook


Week 1 - Cafe Racer (from Montreal)

Cafe Racer


"Three guys repping three provinces: a true Canadian band playing rock and roll like they used to."


Cafe Racer have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Montreal music scene. Hailing from Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, this indie rock trio is the definition of a Canadian band: an independent, grassroots approach with style and character that reflect a real love for music. 


Band members: Myles Hildebrand, Josh Grant, Shawn Forbes

Official Website | Twitter | Facebook