As another curling season winds downs, curlers have already started forming new foursomes for next year. Check out the new rinks for the 2019-2020 curling season. 


New Teams for 2019-20 Season


Men's Teams

Team Brad Jacobs (Northern Ontario)

- The team has decided to part ways with third Ryan Fry. 

Skip: Brad Jacobs
Third: Marc Kennedy
Second: E.J. Harnden 
Lead: Ryan Harnden


Team John Epping (Ontario)

- Ryan Fry replaces Craig Savill

Skip: John Epping
Third: Ryan Fry
Second: Mat Camm
Lead: Brent Laing


Team Tanner Horgan (Manitoba)

- New foursome

Skip: Tanner Horgan
Third: Colton Lott
Second: Kyle Doering
Lead: Tanner Lott


Team Stuart Thompson (Nova Scotia) 

- New Second

Skip: Stuart Thompson
Third: Colten Steele
Second: Cameron MacKenzie
Lead: Travis Colter


Team Mark Kean (Ontario)

- New team

Skip: Mark Kean
Third: Charlie Richard
Second: Tyler Twining
Lead: DJ Ronaldson


Team Tyler Tardi (British Columbia)

- New team 

Skip: Tyler Tardi
Third: Sterling Middleton
Second: Jordan Tardi
Lead: Alex Horvath


Team Thomas Ulsrud (Norway)

- New foursome

Skip: Thomas Ulsrud
Third: Steffen Walstad 
Second: Markus Hoiberg 
Lead: Magnus Vagberg

Women's Teams


Team Casey Scheidegger

- Cheryl Bernard and Amber Holland will fill in for Scheidegger at a handful of events next season. 

Skip: Casey Scheidegger, Cheryl Bernard, Amber Holland
Third: Cary-Anne McTaggart
Second: Jessie Haughian
Lead: Kristie Moore


Team Eve Muirhead (Scotland)

- New lead

Skip: Eve Muirhead
Third: Lauren Gray
Second: Jennifer Dodds
Lead: Vicky Wright


Team Kaitlyn Jones (Ontario)

- New third

Skip: Kaitlyn Jones
Third: Allison Flaxey
Second: Clancy Grandy
Lead: Morgan Lavell


Team Michelle Englot (Saskatchewan)

- New foursome

Skip: Michelle Englot
Third: Sara England 
Second: Stasia Wisniewski
Lead: Shelby Brandt


Team Laura Walker (Alberta)

- New foursome

Skip: Laura Walker
Third: Kate Cameron
Second: Taylor McDonald
Lead: Nadine Scotland


Team Megan Balsdon (Ontario)

- New foursome

Skip: Megan Balsdon
Third: Lynn Kreviazuk
Second: Rachelle Strybosch
Lead: Tess Bobbie


Team Darcy Robertson (Manitoba)

- New foursome

Skip: Darcy Robertson
Third: Laura Burtnyk
Second: Gaetanne Gauthier  
Lead: Krysten Karwacki


Team Theresa Cannon (Manitoba)

- New foursome

Skip: Theresa Cannon
Third: Karen Klein
Second: Vanessa Foster 
Lead: Raunora Westcott


Team Kristen Streifel (Saskatchewan)

- New lead

Skip: Kristen Streifel 
Third: Jolene Campbell
Second: Dayna Demers 
Lead: Kelly Schafer


Team Sherry Anderson (Saskatchewan)

- New lead

Skip: Sherry Anderson
Third: Nancy Martin
Second: Meaghan Frerichs
Lead: Chaelyn Kitz


Team Jamie Sinclair (United States)

- New third

Skip: Jamie Sinclair
Third: Cory Christensen
Second: Vicky Persinger
Lead: Sarah Anderson/Taylor Anderson

Team Breakups


Men's Teams


Team Martin Crête (Quebec)

Skip: Martin Crête
Third: Philippe Lemay
Second: Éric Sylvain
Lead: Philippe Ménard


Team Thomas Ulsrud (Norway)

Skip: Thomas Ulsrud
Third: Torger Nergård
Second: Christoffer Svae
Lead: Håvard Vad Petersson


Women's Teams 


Team Jacqueline Harrison (Ontario)

Skip: Jacqueline Harrison 
Third: Clancy Grandy
Second: Lynn Kreviazuk
Lead: Morgan Court