With the 2019-20 curling season coming to a premature end, a handful of rinks across Canada have already made changes to their lineups heading into next season with the 2021 Roar of the Rings Olympic trials quickly approaching. Keep track with all the movement right here.

Men's Teams


Team Colton Flasch (Saskatchewan)

Skip: Colton Flasch
Third: Catlin Schneider
Second: Kevin Marsh
Lead: Dan Marsh

Note: Colton Flasch was let go by Team Kevin Koe following the Brier and will now skip his own rink in his home province of Saskatchewan next season.


Team Matt Dunstone (Saskatchewan)

Skip: Matt Dunstone
Third: Braeden Moskowy 
Second: Kirk Muyres
Lead: Dustin Kidby

Note: Team Dunstone replaces former second Catlin Schneider with provincial rival Kirk Muyres, who has skipped in Saskatchewan for the past two seasons.


Team Kevin Koe (Alberta)

Skip: Kevin Koe
Third: BJ Neufeld
Second: John Morris
Lead: Ben Hebert

Note: After taking two seasons off from traditional four-person curling, John Morris replaces Colton Flasch on Team Koe.


Team Jason Gunnlaugson (Manitoba)

Skip: Jason Gunnlaugson
Third: Adam Casey
Second: Matt Wozniak
Lead: Connor Njegovan

Note: With the departure of third Alex Forrest, Team Gunnlaugson added former Team Mike McEwen second Matt Wozniak to the squad. Wozniak will remain in his familiar position while former second Adam Casey gets moved to vice.


Team Tyler Tardi (British Columbia)

Skip: Tyler Tardi
Third: Sterling Middleton
Second: Jordan Tardi
Lead: Jason Ginter

Note: Lead Jason Ginter replaces Alex Horvath on Team Tardi.


Team Tanner Horgan (Manitoba)

Skip: Tanner Horgan
Third: Colton Lott
Second: Kyle Doering
Lead: Emerson Klimpke

Note: Another lead swap as Emerson Klimpke takes over for Tanner Lott.


Team Aaron Sluchinski (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Skip: Aaron Sluchinski
Third: Matt Blandford
Second: Brent Hamilton
Lead: Don Bartlett

Note: Team Sluchinski are forming with a hope to represent Newfoundland at next year's Brier.


Team Greg Smith (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Skip: Greg Smith
Third: Greg Blyde
Second: Braden Zawada
Lead: Evan McDonah

Note: Team Smith are forming with a hope to represent Newfoundland at next year's Brier.


Team Rich Ruohonen (United States)

Skip: Rich Ruohonen
Third: Andrew Stopera
Second: Colin Hufman
Lead: Phil Tilker

Note: Andrew Stopera replaces Greg Persinger on Team Ruohonen.

Women's Teams


Team Jamie Sinclair (United States)

Skip: Jamie Sinclair
Third: Monica Walker
Second: Cora Farrell
Lead: Elizabeth Cousins

Note: Americans Jamie Sinclair and Monica Walker will reunite for the 2020-21 campaign after a year apart.


Team Corryn Brown (British Columbia)

Skip: Corryn Brown
Third: Erin Pincott
Second: Dezaray Hawes
Lead: Samantha Fisher

Note: Samantha Fisher replaces Ashley Klymchuk at the lead position on Team Brown. This BC squad played in their first Canadian championship this season.

Team Rachel Homan (Ontario)

Skip: Rachel Homan
Third: Emma Miskew
Second: Sarah Wilkes
Lead: Joanne Courtney

Note: In the most surprising move this off-season, Team Homan parted ways with long-time lead Lisa Weagle and added Sarah Wiles, former third for Team Chelsea Carey. Wilkes will play second while Joanne Courtney will now throw lead stones.


Team Jennifer Jones (Manitoba)

Skip: Jennifer Jones
Third: Kaitlyn Lawes
Second: Jocelyn Peterman
Lead: Dawn McEwen
Alternate: Lisa Weagle

Note: Team Jones quickly picked up Lisa Weagle off the free agent market and will operate as a five player team next year.


Team Kelsey Rocque (Alberta)

Skip: Kelsey Rocque
Third: Danielle Schmiemann
Second: Dana Ferguson
Lead: Rachel Brown

Note: Front end due Rachel Brown and Dana Ferguson, formerly of Team Chelsea Carey, replace Jesse Iles and Becca Konschuh on Team Rocque.


Team Robyn Silvernagle (Saskatchewan)

Skip: Robyn Silvernagle
Third: Kristen Streifel
Second: Jessie Hunkin
Lead: Dayna Demers

Note: Former skip Kristen Streifel and lead Dayna Demers join the squad as replacements for third Stefanie Lawton and lead Kara Thevenot.


Team Hollie Duncan (Ontario)

Skip: Hollie Duncan
Third: Megan Balsdon
Second: Rachelle Strybosch
Lead: Tess Bobbie

Note: Skip Hollie Duncan joins the squad previously led by Megan Balsdon. Balsdon will now throw third stones while former vice Lynn Kreviazuk leaves the team for other curling opportunities.


Team Mary-Anne Arsenault (British Columbia)

Skip: Mary-Anne Arsenault
Third: Jeanna Schraeder
Second: Sasha Carter
Lead: Renee Simons

Note: Legendary Nova Scotia curler Mary-Anne Arsenault moves out West and will now skip the team previously led by Kelly Scott. Jeanna Schraeder, Sasha Carter and Renee Simons won back-to-back Canadian championships with Scott in 2006 and 2007.


Team Jacqueline Harrison (Ontario)

Skip: Jacqueline Harrison
Third: Allison Flaxey
Second: Lynn Kreviazuk
Lead: Laura Hickey

Note: Skip Jacqueline Harrison will helm a squad that saw Allison Flaxey play with Kaitlyn Jones this past season. Lynn Kreviazuk and Lauren Hickey played third for Megan Balsdon and Hollie Duncan, respectively.


Team Amber Holland (Saskatchewan)

Skip: Amber Holland
Third: Kim Schneider
Second: Karlee Korchinski
Lead: Deb Lozinski

Notes: Kim Schneider and Karlee Korchinski are replacing Cindy Ricci and Laura Strong on Team Holland.   


Team Kaitlyn Jones (Nova Scotia)

Skip: Kaitlyn Jones
Third: Jessica Daigle
Second: Brigitte MacPhail
Lead: Lindsey Burgess

Note: 2018 world junior champion Kaitlyn Jones has formed a new squad that will play out of Nova Scotia next season.


Team Kerry Galusha (Northwest Territories)

Skip: Kerry Galusha
Third: Sarah Koltun
Second: Jo-Ann Rizzo
Lead: Margot Flemming

Note: Team Galusha adds Margot Flemming to the squad, replacing long time lead Shona Barbour.


Team Christina Black (Nova Scotia)

Skip: Christina Black
Third: Jennifer Baxter
Second: Karlee Jones
Lead: Shelley Barker

Notes: Christina Black and Jennifer Baxter represented Nova Scotia at the 2020 Scotties Tournament of Hearts as members of Team Mary-Anne Arsenault.