Edmonton Oilers coach Dave Tippett said Wednesday he feels his remarks regarding the performance of Mikko Koskinen were taken out of context. 

Following a 4-1 loss to the New York Rangers on Monday and with the team mired in a slump, Tippett appeared to be critical of his goaltender.

Koskinen made 24 saves in the loss, but received little support from the team's offensive weapons. 

"I thought we did a lot of things well tonight," Tippett told reporters on Monday. “Our goaltender wasn't very good, and we didn't find enough pucks at the net to get us back in the game. ... We haven't played as well as we'd like to as a group. There's lots to improve on.”

Koskinen responded to the remarks by his head coach, saying ”This is how it usually goes in this line of business. When the team is doing badly, either the coach or the goalie is sacrificed. It doesn’t feel nice to anyone to be thrown under the bus, but I had no big emotions about the things coach said.

"One just has to keep on going (towards the next game),” he continued. ”There wasn’t any critique early in the season, but now it rains from everywhere, because I have lost six games consecutively. 

"People here are passionate (get nervous) because everyone follows closely our actions. Each situation and goal is carefully analyzed. This is the way it is here because hockey creates so much emotion and passion in people. I want to also say that in all those six games I lost our team was able to score seven goals. I am not able to score, so it is not only up to the goalie if the team wins or loses. We need to play better as a team.” 

On Wednesday, Tippett clarified his comments, while also indicating that Mike Smith will play against the Maple Leafs on Wednesday in Toronto. 

"We're a team struggling. Those are mistakes that are made that effect the outcome of the game," Tippett told reporters. "... Goaltenders, they're front and centre. ... There's a frustration around our team. ... It wasn't the whole game. The question was the start of the game. The whole thing was taken out of context.

"We're talking about starting the game - the first five minutes of the game not giving up the first goal, that's what it was. Mikko made some good saves in that game, he hung around the game, but it was the start of the game. We're trying to get off to a good start, that's the part you get emotional about."

In 20 games this season, Koskinen, 33, has a 3.19 goals-against average and .900 save percentage. Injuries have limited 39-year-old veteran Mike Smith to five appearances with a 3.91 goals-against average and .897 save percentage. 

The Oilers are 2-8-2 since starting the season 16-5-0.

The team has struggled despite boasting the NHL's two top scorers in Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger recently said that everyone associated with the team is feeling the heat.

"According to a source, Dave Tippett is not imminently going to lose his job, at least not at the moment," Dreger told host Geno Reda on TSN's Insider Trading segment on Tuesday. "Of course, he has to be feeling the heat, as I said, everyone is. But as we have the conversation tonight, there is no plan to fire the coach. If it gets worse, maybe it’s more seriously considered at that point."

However, Dreger indicates that the team could be looking to improve the roster.

"Goaltending though is being looked at by [general manager] Ken Holland and the Oilers. Trade options that are available are certainly being considered. They [also] continue to search for a third-line centre, among some of the other things that could make this roster stronger. Pressure and frustration all mounting in Edmonton."