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Jack Armstrong

TSN Basketball Analyst


1. RAPTORS PARADE: I never envisioned when I was hired 21 years ago by the Raptors that this moment would happen. I hoped and prayed for it, but you just never know. Well they’re NBA champions and now the parade is in the morning. Pretty cool. I’m still kind of blown away that it’s finally happened. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of loyal fans, players, coaches, executives, support staff and ownership group. I'm really happy for lots of folks. It's well earned and deserved.       

2. KLAY THOMPSON & KEVIN DURANT (Warriors): Two players that I respect and enjoy watching play. It's so unfortunate what’s happened to both of them. Obviously they’ll both get paid regardless, yet it once again shows how truly fragile professional sports are.    

3. RAPTORS TITLE: (8-0!): I’m already sick and tired of the knuckleheads that say the Raptors benefited from the Warriors' health issues. Bottom line, they won the title fair and square and totally earned it. In six Finals games and two regular-season games, the Raptors went 6-2 against Golden State. Ask yourself this question, which team was so close to being 8-0 in those eight games? It sure wasn’t the Warriors! The rightful winner won! Enough said.    

4. ANTHONY DAVIS (Lakers): Davis got what he wanted. Los Angeles and LeBron James. Now the challenge is two-fold. Davis, injury prone throughout his career, has to be healthy and that second free agent spot (depending on available remaining money) must be an outstanding to elite guy. Talent is one thing, proper fit is the other and more important factor.    

5. NEW ORLEANS PELICANS: Give GM David Griffin credit, he got a sound deal back in Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram (health pending) along with three first round picks. This week, it's a fourth overall pick with high value. The other two picks will be late in future years based upon the Lakers' performance with an upgraded roster, but not a bad haul. Add that to Zion Williamson and things are shaping up nicely. It's never an easy spot to be in, yet effective usage of a big time asset and turning it into value.