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From this week's edition (Episode 10):

Ray details his mandatory 'Code of Conduct' idea to help move the NHL - and hockey - forward after the Bill Peters saga:

"I'd like to see the NHL and the NHLPA and establish a charter or a Code of Conduct for anyone in the game that they'd have to adhere to.

Here's my example. At the start of training camps every year - all across North America in the National Hockey League, American Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League, all three leagues in major junior, plus the BC and Alberta League - I'd like to see everyone attend a seminar at their camp.

And in camp, each person goes through this course - this seminar - and they sign this document acknowledging they've heard this message and will adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Everybody - every player, coach, manager and staff - has to be required to do this. I'm not naive to think this can happen overnight, but the cost of this should be irrelevant. And the reason that this seminar had to be a part of going forward is its education. You will, through repetition, reach everybody.

It won't be perfect - the seminar you give in the first year won't be the seminar you give in the third year because it will evolve. But basically what you're doing is building an HR department - a 'human relations' department - into your business.

And I think the NHL has to be at the forefront of this."

Also, Arizona Coyotes Rick Tocchet on how he views coaching to be a true partnership between the coaches and the players: 

"Yeah, I'm their coach. It's just not a dictatorship. It's not 'what I say goes.' 

You act that way, I think it turns players off. I don't have a ton of rules - I don't have 10 or 15 rules. I think you've got to let the room run the show a couple of times. Obviously, as a coach there are some things that are non-negotiable - hard work or something of a system, the way you play - sometimes you tweak some stuff. 

I've had players come in and say, 'let's do this and let's do that' - and I'll agree with them. I have no problem - it's a partnership with the players. You've got to have these guys have room to grow. 

Once you have too many rules for players, it just becomes too much. You've just got to communicate. The players respect that you're in a tough position. Coaching's tough. There's a lot of pressure, jobs are on the line and you control people's jobs too. I think it's really good to call it a partnership with the players nowadays."