The Vegas Golden Knights will get their first up-close look at the prospects available in their first NHL Draft at next week's scouting combine.

The team will send general manager George McPhee and director of amateur scouting Scott Luce to the combine in Buffalo, where the team hopes to get a better feel on who to select sixth overall.

With no prospects in the system and their players for next season yet to be determined, the Golden Knights plan to select to the best player on the board, regardless on position.

"It's a brand-new process for all the scouts on board, and you're looking at [the] best available [player] that could deliver the best asset possible to the organization," Luce told on Wednesday. "Whether that's a forward, defenseman or a goalie may vary with each selection. We'll look at the best asset at that draft slot. That's what you're looking to add."

Luce listed strong skating skills as the most important asset for a prospect to succeed in the NHL today, while adding skill, hockey sense and compete level are also high on the list.

The Golden Knights can begin to set a tone for their culture based on the prospects they select in June's entry draft. Luce said the team knows what they're looking for from a personality perspective.

"We're going to try and ascertain best practices we've used in other various organizations, so I think this year will be a great learning experience for us as a staff," Luce said. "But we want to come out of there with a comfort level with the young players knowing that they have what it takes to be a Vegas Golden Knight.

"We want high-character, low-maintenance type players. It'll be a good learning curve for the entire staff going to the combine and representing our organization."

Luce worked with the Florida Panthers for 12 years before joining the Golden Knights.