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Cobra unveiled its new family of Radspeed drivers, fairways and metalwood Wednesday, with the entire line driven by new and innovative technology, radial weighting.

The new clubs are built around an engineering formula called Radius of Gyration, which is the distance from the club’s centre of gravity to each weight or technology location. Essentially, that means maximizing the distance of the front and back weights to deliver fast ball speed, low spin and forgiveness in the same club. In each of the three driver models, the strategic position of the weight, called radial weighting, is done to enhance the overall performance.

The Radspeed is for those who like to swing it fast and want distance generated from faster ball speeds, low spin and trajectory control. The Radspeed XB is for players looking for speed and consistency across the face in the form of forgiveness. Finally, the Radspeed XD is for golfers who love distance but need a little help reducing their slice.

The drivers have a suggested price of $599.99.

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The Radspeed fairways also feature radial weighting and, by using an ultra-thin carbon crown, Cobra engineers were able to free up more discretionary weight to position it forward and increase ball speed.

Each fairway features Cobra’s signature Baffler Hollow Split Rails, which increase flexion on the leading edge by 70 per cent to increase speed while still providing excellent turf interaction.

There are four models available: Radspeed, Radspeed Big Tour, Radspeed Tour and the Radspeed Draw.

The suggested price for the fairways is $349.99.

Finally, the line offers attractive hybrids with radial weighting technology. The emphasis on these clubs is for extreme front weighting to deliver ultra-low spin, faster ball speed and more distance. Each features a steel face insert and hollow split rails, which lead to a lower centre of gravity and higher launch angles.