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Titleist has launched the TSi line of drivers, which the company says, “pushes the boundaries of speed through advanced engineering and material breakthroughs.”

There are two models, the TSi2 and the TSi3, both of which feature a new ATI 425 aerospace titanium face construction, which is new to driver design. (ATI 425 is an alloy that is made by a single foundry in Pittsburgh.)

Titleist says the design of the club means more speed on the swing and more speed at impact resulting in longer drives. The company said the aerodynamics create a 15 per cent improvement of the previous models the TS2 and TS3.

The club has been designed to deliver a player-tuned aerodynamic approach to the golf ball through less drag. At impact, the ball is launched with additional speed due to the ATI 425 face.

There is also great stability in the clubhead meaning more consistent speed and distance on off-centre hits.

Embedded ImageThe TSi3 is for the better player who can deliver more consistent contact or requires more precise control over CG placement. That comes from the new SureFit track design that allows players to fine tune the CG placement.

It’s essentially a sliding weight at the back of the clubhead that can be moved into one of five different positions to dial in the right fit for each player.

The TSi2 is for golfers looking to generate more distance that may not always hit it precisely in the centre of the clubface. The design delivers shots with a high launch and low spin.

The moment of inertia (or the stability of the clubhead) has been created not only from side to side on the face, but also up and down, meaning better results from shots that come low or high on the face.

Both TSi2 and TSi3 feature Titleist’s SureFit hosel that has 16 independent loft and lie combinations. There is also the ability to adjust the head weight using two-gram weights that are inserted into slots in the bottom of the club.

The drivers can be matched with one of four different standard shaft options with the ability to upgrade to premium shafts from Graphite Design.

On the PGA Tour, many staff players were quick to put the club into play. At the Safeway Open, where it was first available for use, there were 42 drivers in the bag. A number of golfers also used the new weapon the week of the U.S. Open, showing confidence in the club. In total, there have been 100 players have played the two models in competition.

The drivers will be available starting Nov. 12 with a suggested price of $749 Canadian.