TORONTO — The lawyer for the fiancée of former Ottawa Senators winger Mike Hoffman says she doesn't intend on suing the wife of the team's former captain Erik Karlsson over allegations of cyberbullying.

Sheila Block says her client Monika Caryk only wants to know the basis of Melinda Karlsson's allegations that Caryk wished Karlsson and her unborn child dead and said someone should injure Erik Karlsson's legs to end his career.

The allegations have not been proven in court, but come from an application for a peace bond that Karlsson filed against Caryk in May, claiming Caryk posted over 1,000 "negative and derogatory'' comments about her on social media.

Block says her client denies making the comments and won't take action against Karlsson because she believes Karlsson has suffered enough.

Caryk is, however, seeking an order to have Karlsson share any evidence that could lead Caryk to determine who made the remarks.

Since the two first began arguing over the alleged comments, Hoffman was traded to the San Jose Sharks and then the Florida Panthers and Karlsson was traded to the Sharks.