Team: Yaroslavl (MHL)
Hometown: Yaroslavl, RUS   Nationality: RUS
HT: 5-11 3/4   WT: 190   Shoots: Left
TSN Ranking  Mid: 40  Final: 50
NHL Ranking  Mid: 4 ES  Final: 9 ES

NAS North American Skaters NAG North American Goaltenders
ES European Skaters EG European Goaltenders 



2018-19 GP G PTS PIM
Yaroslavl 41 10 25 26
Playoffs 6 5 8 8


Craig Button's Analysis

"Very good two-way centre. Smart, good puck skills, makes plays and has a strong understanding of the game in all areas with and without the puck." 

Projection: No. 2 Two-Way Centre
Comparable: Adam Henrique


Scouting Report

Skating Hockey Sense Competitiveness Puck Skills Scoring
3.5/5 4.5/5 4.5/5 4/5 3/5