Team Jennifer Jones defeated Team Casey Scheidegger $12,000 to $9,000 to advance to the TSN Skins Game final. Jones’ rink is looking for their third straight title Sunday when they take on Team Tracy Fleury.

“[The pressure] was building up, but fortunately we had a tough shot to make the game go in our favour, and it worked out well. It's kind of why you play the game, to play in those big moments. I felt like I missed a couple earlier for the team, so I really wanted to make that one,” Jones said.

Scheidegger started strong, stealing a $1,000 skin in the first, and executing a couple of nice freezes in the second, forcing a carryover and keeping defending Skins champion Jones off the board. Jones answered quickly with a $2500 steal in the third, but wasted a chance for another steal in the fourth with a miss that raised one of Scheidegger's rocks. The Lethbridge skip took advantage of the miscue with a hit through the port that tied the game at $2500 at the half. With Jones holding the hammer in the fifth, Scheidegger executed a terrific triple takeout to force a carryover. Scheidegger's last rock of the sixth led to a measurement that confirmed she was sitting just one, and the resulting carryover put $9500 at stake in the seventh and the game on the line. With Scheidegger holding shot stone, Jones sent her team to the final with a picture-perfect finesse tap that found its way through three rocks. Scheidegger delivered a beautiful raise in the last end to make the score $12,000 to $9000, but it's Jones who advances to look for her third straight Skins Game title.

"It's always a great environment, the fans, the atmosphere, it's just a lot of fun to play here. It's always great when it comes down to a big shot, and it's nice to be on the team that makes it,” Jones said.

"It was really fun out there, a great first experience at the skins. The ice changed a bit, and we didn't catch on as fast as I would have liked. Obviously we'd like to take a couple back, but that's curling. Most curling matches come down to [the final ends], and skins games even more so. Hopefully, Rachel [Homan] will win Ontario, and we'll be in the [Scotties] wild card. We're keeping our fingers and toes crossed for Player's and Champion's Cup,” Scheidegger said.