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Matt Dunigan

TSN CFL Analyst


Is Bo Levi Mitchell the next truly great CFL quarterback?

Bo Levi certainly has all the parts and the right group of people around him to start stacking one great season after another. Seasons similar to the one he had last year, when he looked at ease guiding his team to the 102nd Grey Cup Championship. And as with all quarterbacks, getting to the Grey Cup and winning championships is what he will be judged by.

We have many "truly great" QBss in the CFL right now: Ricky Ray, Henry Burris, Darian Durant, Travis Lulay, and I believe Kevin Glenn has earned that moniker as well, although he has not won the elusive Cup like his aforementioned companions. These guys have achieved greatness and have been able to sustain it too, with the exception of Lulay who has been derailed lately with shoulder issues.

That is what's next for Mitchell: sustaining the level of play we saw last season and continually improving, which is a scary thought in and of itself.

We have a young group of gun slingers that have our attention, and justifiably so, in Zach Collaros, Mike Reilly and Drew Willy. This group of talented quarterbacks is chasing consistency and their first championship. They are all franchise players that bring to the table marque credentials and anyone would love to have them guiding their team.

Next you have stable of quarterbacks that have flashed signs of greatness such as Dan LeFevour, Drew Tate, and Jonathan Crompton, just to name a few, that have our attention and are on the verge of taking that next step to being great.

Getting back to Mitchell, he is off and running in the right direction, leading his team with veteran poise at an incredibly young age. Can't wait to see what he does this year and who else starts to take the reins and drive for True Greatness.