The NHL Play of the Year is back today with more highlight reel efforts.

The seventh matchup of the Round of 16 has Carter Hutton's paddle stop squaring off against Gustav Nyquist's video game style goal.

Nyquist's effort for the Wings is such a long and determined one that the play had to be sped up for time constraints. The crafty Swede held the puck for half a minute, completing two full circuits of the Ottawa Senators zone before finally letting go of the puck. Once he unloaded, the ping of the bar and the bulge of the net told the Sens they had lost before they could even track the shot.

The Toronto Maple Leafs were sure they had gotten one past Hutton.

Daniel Winnik watched his tip skip past Hutton towards a yawning cage. However, the Nashville Predators netminder spun in the crease and lunged with his stick, knocking the puck away – out of mid-air, no less – just inches from crossing the line.

Hutton beat Ondřej Pavelec while Gustav Nyquist hammered Steven Stamkos in the Round of 32.

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