Tavares Calculator



The Tavares Calculator



John Tavares has whittled his list down to six suitors.


But not every number thrown at Tavares this week can be taken at face value.


The New York Islanders retain the exclusive ability to offer Tavares an eight-year contract. Two other teams, the Tampa Bay Lightning and Dallas Stars, have the unique offer of playing in a state with zero income tax – a nearly 20 per cent difference in gross tax owed in salary from a market like San Jose.


For Tavares, it is all about an opportunity to win.


Secondary, of course, is what will end up in his bank account.


Behold: TSN’s new Tavares Calculator.


Put in an average annual value (AAV) to learn what will ultimately end up in Tavares’ pocket. 


This calculator depicts a few important advantages in negotiation: 1) Time is of the essence for the Islanders. Their ability to offer eight years expires at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday. 2) The Maple Leafs are at a considerable tax disadvantage, but Tavares can make up some of that in endorsements (if he is interested) available unique to Toronto, plus his income is earned in U.S. Dollars and his living expenses would all be in Canadian funds. 3) The Lightning can offer a significantly lower AAV that may “appear” to be a discount, but actually results in more net dollars and allows them to keep more of their team intact.

Enter New Tavares AAV:
N.Y. Islanders


San Jose

Tampa Bay


Max Contract
8 years
7 years
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7 years
7 years
7 years
Contract Value            
Salary Cap Hit            
Total Taxes Paid            
Net Salary            


Note: An NHL-NHLPA escrow withholding percentage and agent fees have not been included for the purposes of this calculator. They are standard in any market.


Special thank you to the GAVIN Hockey Wealth Specialists, a leading financial advisor to NHL players, for the current tax data.