Earlier this year, Nike dropped an innovative shoe that is tailored specifically for those with disabilities.  Made with a simple system to slide on and off the foot, the Go FlyEase is the first completely hands-free sneaker to hit the market.

Now, Nike is releasing a new colourway of the sneaker. Designed in a sleek red and orange pattern with pink accents, the sneaker features a black tension band and bi-stable hinge for the shoe to open and close with a hands-free set-up. Its revolutionary design and tension system eliminates the need for those with disabilities to have to bend over or use hands to wear the shoe.

While the FlyEase were designed with inclusivity in mind, the sneakers have proven to be scarce and difficult for many consumers to obtain. Despite the sneaker's original retail price of US$120, it has gone for upwards of $400 in the resale market, leading to questions of how Nike can improve ease of access for its intended demographic of those who live with disabilities.

There is currently no official release date for the new colourway of the Nike Go FlyEase, which is expected to retail at the same price of US$120 as the previous models.

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