Odyssey is bringing out some very forgiving putters with the unveiling of three new models of the company’s EXO line.

The Indianapolis, the Seven and the Rossie are futuristic mallet-style putters that feature a resistance to twisting by shifting weight from the centre of the club to the outside. The club also has a shallow centre of gravity, which aids in limiting the club’s twisting on off-centre hits.

Odyssey accomplished all this by making the centre section of these putters from aluminum and taking the weight saved and putting it to the perimeter of the head which is made of stainless steel.

The face of the club features Odyssey’s White Hot Microhinge insert which helps get the ball rolling sooner after impact, helping to keep it on line. This insert also creates a little more sound than the original model, a direct result of feedback from tour players. Sound is feel in a club and so this louder version should give golfers a better sense of feel of the ball off the face.

All three models are available in face-balanced and toe-hang versions. Only the Seven model will be available in left-handed.