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  • Ray & Dregs new

    The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

    Ray Ferraro and Darren Dreger, two of the biggest names in the game, join forces for The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast.

  • James Duthie's Rubber Boots Podcast

    The Rubber Boots Podcast

    James Duthie is joined by TSN staffers Lester McLean, Sean 'Puffy' Cameron and a special guest each episode to chat sports and just about anything else.

  • Beauties - by James Duthie


    Each episode of James Duthie’s podcast focuses on incredible stories from hockey’s biggest names, greatest characters and unsung heroes.

  • Bump and Run - Bob Weeks and Jamie Reidel

    Bump and Run

    TSN's Bob Weeks and Jamie Reidel bring you a TSN Golf podcast on the latest news in the world of Golf.

  • BarDown Podcast

    The BarDown Podcast

    A hockey podcast that doesn’t talk about last night’s scores. The BarDown podcast will investigate, uncover and explore long-form stories at the intersection of sports, pop culture, technology. We’re answering the hockey questions that no one asked.

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Apr 12, 2016

Melnyk reacts to Dave Cameron firing

Sens owner Eugene Melnyk joins The Drive to talk about today's coaching changes & possible future moves.

Eugene Melnyk on The Drive April 12 2016

Continuous Play:
  • 46m ago

    The Drive - Hour 4

    AJ and Lee start the hour with a discussion about some of the betting favourites around NBA expansion, and discuss potential expansion into Europe. The guys also take a look at the CFL's win totals, and wrap up the show by setting up Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final

  • 1h ago

    The Drive - Hour 3

    AJ and Lee start the hour by debating what the Sens should do with Alex DeBrincat, after reports that the Sens are exploring trade options. They also take your texts on what the Sens should do with the Cat, and take a look at how his next contract will look compared to Cole Caufield's new deal

  • 2h ago

    The Drive - Hour 2

    AJ and Lee start the hour with the news that Mike Babcock will be hired as the next coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets. The guys also talk about Miami's huge comeback win in Game 2 of the NBA Finals in Denver. Then they wrap up the hour with a report that the Mavs might be interested in LeBron James

  • 3h ago

    The Drive - Hour 1

    AJ and Lee start the show by wrapping up the weekend that was, and looking ahead to the week in store for the REDBLACKS. The fellas also talk Stanley Cup Final, reflect on Quebec's Memorial Cup win in Kamloops, and discuss what's next for Patrick Roy, and how that might impact the Sens' head coaching position

  • 4h ago

    In The Box - Hour 4

    Steve and Graham are joined by Gord Wilson, they chat about the Stanley Cup Final. the Sens sale process, Alex DeBrincat, they touch on the European Sex Championships and wrap up the show for the day reading some e-mails.

  • 5h ago

    In The Box - Hour 3

    Steve and Graham are joined by Eric Macramalla for Out of Order, they chat about the Ducks hiring Cronin for their new head coach, they read your messages to the show and touch on the NHL and NBA Final(s).

  • 6h ago

    In The Box - Hour 2

    Steve and Graham are joined by Dave Cameron, they hit on the NHL and NBA Final(s), they touch on F1, some golf and the contract signed by Caufield with the Habs and it's impact on the Sens with DeBrincat.

  • 7h ago

    In The Box - Hour 1

    Steve and Graham chat about the Stanley Cup Final, the NBA Finals, the Canadiens signing Cole Caufield, how that impacts the Sens and Alex DeBrincat and they chat about Ibrahimovic retiring.

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