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TORONTO - Borrowing TSN's microphone in Toronto's locker room ahead of Drake Night and the Raptors' rematch with the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, Lucas Nogueira called over fellow Brazilian Bruno Caboclo.

Caboclo, the Raptors' 20th overall pick and new fan favourite, had posted a video of the two rookies doing some karaoke at a local Brazilian steakhouse earlier this week. This time it was Nogueira, the always excitable seven-footer with the big hair and big personality, that took the initiative, interviewing the 19-year-old Caboclo.

The conversation ranged from preparation for the game that evening, to Caboclo's improved English and joke telling. Nigueira also inquires about Caboclo's relationship status on behalf of his female fans on social media and gives the young Brazilian some advice.

"I think you have to show your personality, you have to show Bruno Caboclo, Brazilian spirit. So when you start showing that Brazilian spirit like Bruno Caboclo, I think they'll start coming."

Listen to the full interview HERE.

LUCAS NOGUEIRA: Bruno Cabocolo. We're in the locker room in Toronto. How are your expectations for tonight. Big game, right? Brooklyn. Everybody has a lot of strong feelings about Brooklyn because of last year so everybody's excited for tonight. What do you think about tonight? Can you talk to us a little bit, quick?

BRUNO CABOCLO: Today is Drake Night. It's important for the fans. Today we'll have so much fun, right? It's a great game. We lost in the playoffs to them and now we want [to win] today. We're confident to take one more win and play hard.

NOGUEIRA: I like this. So tonight you're dressing, right? Because you're such a talented guy, everybody has a lot of expectations about you so imagine if the team has a chance to win by 20 or 15 or 30 [points], imagine the fans start screaming, 'Bruno Bruno', how's your reaction? You think you'll be ready to play tonight?

CABOCLO: Yea, but if this happens I'll cry. I'll cry.

NOGUERIA: Why will you cry? A lot of emotions?

CABOCLO: Yea, so emotional. Living here alone is not easy.


CABOCLO: And the fans cheering for me and the team, I love that.

NOGUEIRA: It's very important. It's very important that you have a lot of emotion. I know people believe in you because you have a lot of potential. So for me, in my opinion, you have to be ready, keep working hard because you'll have your chance. Believe me. So last question. Bruno, you have a lot of fans, a lot of female fans. They love you because you are a beautiful, talented guy.

CABOCLO: Thank you.

NOGUEIRA: You have thousands and thousands and thousands of fans in the internet and Instagram and Facebook so the girls on Instagram they want to know if you have a girlfriend, if you have a wife, how is your relationship right now, if you're alone, if you're single because you're talented, you're beautiful.

CABOCLO: I think the girls are shy. They don't come to talk to me. I don't know why. Why?

NOGUEIRA: I think they don't come talk to you because you're so shy too. I think you have to show your personality, you have to show Bruno Caboclo, Brazilian spirit. So when you start showing that Brazilian spirit like Bruno Caboclo, I think they'll start coming.

CABOCLO: Yea, I'm not shy. I'm like a happy guy. I talk a lot.

NOGUEIRA: I know you talk a lot.

CABOCLO: Now I'm learning some jokes.

NOGUEIRA: Yeah, yeah, good point. He start learning some good jokes in English. Not me, I don't know English. Ladies and gentlemen, he's learning English jokes right now so he can talk more in the locker room, more interesting. Amazing.

CABOCLO: And make people laugh. I love that. I feel happy too.

NOGUEIRA: Yeah, yeah, the most important thing. He feels so happy to make people laugh because before nobody understood him in the locker room. So right now he has a chance to improve English, make jokes so he can make the franchise players or the veterans laugh all the time. It's a very good point. Bruno Caboclo, last question... last one, last one, I don't want to disturb your time. I know you're busy now because you've got to warm up, talk to the fans, autographs, so last one... What do you think of Lucas Nogueira? Be honest.

CABOCLO: He don't help me, the practice, the locker room. He only speaks Portuguese. It's not helping me. Talk English, Lucas! I don't know. I don't know.

NOGUEIRA: Lucas Nogueira, what do you think of Bruno? ... I think Bruno's is a nice guy. He said you don't help him with his English, do you think it's true? ... I don't think so. I think I can help him but I don't understand English all the time too. So I try to do my best to help myself before I help him but sometimes you can't understand each other. But I hope in the future to help more.

Oh, James Johnson. My pleasure to see you. Are you going to talk to me?

JAMES JOHNSON: No comment.

NOGUEIRA: It's okay. I understand. You're focused on the game tonight. Big game. So no problem, James Johnson. Talk later...

Do you want to talk more Bruno Caboclo? You're okay? You want to say bye? You want to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year for your family in Brazil?

CABOCLO: Good Christmas and good New Year for everybody.

NOGUEIRA: I like this, Bruno. It's very important you show your love of people. I think it's very important for you, man. So ladies and gentlemen, tonight - Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Nets, 8:00, TSN and ESPN. Bye.