Many teams in the NBA are looking to push back the 2020 draft.

A number of NBA teams are united in hopes of encouraging the league office to push the date of the June 25 draft until no sooner than August 1, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and Jonathan Givony.

Wojnarowski adds, one of the reasons is due to the limitation surrounding information gathering on draft-eligible prospects.

The NBA informed teams on Monday that organizations are prohibited from conducting in-person workouts or interviews with draft-eligible players until further notice.

“Given the unique challenges associated with the current coronavirus situation, it is apparent that teams will not have the same scouting opportunities that are typically available in advance,” the league told teams in the memo.

Teams are still allowed to conduct virtual meetings.  

They also may watch footage of any draft-eligible players or prospective early-entry players participating in games or practices that took place before the league’s hiatus began.