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Bob Weeks

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What’s better than getting distance and forgiveness in an iron? How about if the club was wrapped up in a sleek-looking dark finish?

The PING G710 irons, the latest offering from the company Karsten built, is created with maraging steel, which the company describes as being one of the strongest aerospace-grade alloys in the world. PING gas taken this and created a highly durable iron that’s been machined to include a variable thickness face. That’s a perfect recipe for great distance.

The remarkable thing about this steel is that not only is it strong, but it’s also flexible, which allows the face to flex and create more distance.

“Our engineers have optimized the bending of the G710 face to increase ball speeds for more distance and higher trajectories, producing shots that land softer and hold the green,” said PING president John K. Solheim. “It’s a distance iron that delivers consistent distance, a very rare combination for an iron of this type.”

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The G710 also has tungsten weights in the heel and toe of the club to deliver an increase in MOI by five per cent over the G700. That means more forgiveness on off-centre hits.

One of the big bonuses to this new iron is that every club includes the Arccos Caddie Golf Pride 360 Tour Velvet Smart Grip. Every grip is built with a sensor embedded in it that tracks and analyzes every shot taken when paired with the Arrcos App. A set of irons comes with a 90-day free trial of this app.

The G710 comes with Alta Distanza Black 40 Graphite shaft as a standard offering. This is the lightest weight available in a PING iron shaft. A more active tip in the 43-gram shaft delivers higher trajectories and best matches golfers with slower swing speeds.

The G710 retails for $1,900 for a set with graphite shafts and $1,750 in steel.