There is no deal after all.

TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor reports that the tentative collective bargaining agreement reached last week between the Canadian Football League and the CFL Players' Association has been voted down by the membership. Naylor adds this is happening despite the agreement being approved by the bargaining committee and being recommended by team player reps. 

Naylor adds the players' "no" vote is a rejection of the CFLPA bargaining committee and player reps. The league's players can go back on strike any time and have a meeting scheduled for Monday night. 

According to Naylor, the rookie players in CFL training camps -- approximately 400 of them and the majority of which are American -- did not get a vote on the new CBA. Deciding who is eligible to vote is a union decision. 

Based on the memo that went out to players Monday night from CFLPA leadership, the existing bargaining committee will attempt to continue negotiating with the league, tweets Naylor, who adds that teams are planning to practice on Tuesday.

Late Wednesday night, the CFL and CFLPA reached a tentative seven-year deal on a new CBA less than 96 hours after the strike began when talks broke off. The original CBA ran through last Saturday at midnight. 

The 2022 CFL season is scheduled to open on June 9 with the pre-season getting underway on May 27.

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