The Blue Jays are currently awaiting a decision by the Canadian federal government on a proposal that would allow the team to return to Toronto on July 30, it was announced Tuesday.

"We remain hopeful to be back home this summer, playing in front of Blue Jays fans at Rogers Centre for the first time in nearly two years and being part of our community's recovery from the pandemic," the Blue Jays said in a new release.

Under the proposal, fully vaccinated individuals on home and visiting teams will abide by the same rules to enter the country as the Canadian general public, which is showing proof of a negative COVID-19 test with no quarantine requirement. Fully vaccinated individuals will also undergo weekly testing while partially vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals will follow a modified quarantine for their first 14 days in the country, only being permitted to leave their residence to "participate in baseball activities at Rogers Centre."

The Jays are currently playing out of Sahlen Field in Buffalo and are scheduled to take on the Kansas City Royals on July 30 to begin a lengthy 11-game homestand.