The Storm Surge is coming to an end.

Carolina Hurricanes captain Justin Williams tweeted Thursday that, "regardless of outcome," the team will be playing out their final choreographed celebration at PNC Arena on Thursday night after their game against the Washington Capitals.

"...this will be our last storm surge of the season," the tweet read. "It has been an absolute treat celebrating victories with our @NHLCanes fans and muddying up the waters a little bit. We’ve created a buzz again in Carolina but we know ultimately we’ve done that by winning games and playing for each other. Huge games are coming up for us. See you out there #TakeWarning"

The Hurricanes' post-game performances - done after each home win - have been the talk of the National Hockey League all season and have taken plenty of criticism among hockey traditionalists.

Hockey Night in Canada's Don Cherry has been among the most vocal opponents of the Storm Surge, calling the team a "bunch of jerks" and prompting the Hurricanes to print T-Shirts saying just that.

The Hurricanes, sitting in the Eastern Conference's first wild-card spot with 91 points going into Thursday night's game, are 22-12-4 at home this season and have two more home dates - Saturday against Philadelphia and April 4 against New Jersey.