2020 UEFA EURO Qualifying

Date Matchup Time (ET) TSN Schedule
Thursday, November 14 Turkey vs. Iceland 11:50am TSN5
Thursday, November 14 England vs. Montenegro 2:35pm TSN4
Thursday, November 14 Portugal vs. Lithuania 2:35pm TSN5
Thursday, November 14 France vs. Moldova 2:35pm TSN.ca/TSN App
Thursday, November 14 Czech Republic vs. Kosovo 2:40pm TSN3
Friday, November 15 Finland vs. Liechtenstein 11:50am TSN3/5
Friday, November 15 Norway vs. Faroe Islands 11:50am TSN.ca/TSN App
Friday, November 15 Spain vs. Malta 2:35pm TSN3/5
Friday, November 15 Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Italy 2:35pm TSN.ca/TSN App
Friday, November 15 Romania vs. Sweden 2:35pm TSN.ca/TSN App
Saturday, November 16 Cyprus vs. Scotland 8:50am TSN4
Saturday, November 16 Azerbaijan vs. Wales 11:50am TSN1
Saturday, November 16 Russia vs. Belgium 11:50am TSN4
Saturday, November 16 Northern Ireland vs. Netherlands 2:35pm TSN4/5
Saturday, November 16 Croatia vs. Slovakia 2:35pm TSN.ca/TSN App
Sunday, November 17  Luxembourg vs. Portugal 8:45am TSN5
Sunday, November 17 Serbia vs. Ukraine 8:50am TSN.ca/TSN App
Sunday, November 17 Kosovo vs. England 11:50am TSN5
Sunday, November 17 Bulgaria vs. Czech Republic 11:50am TSN.ca/TSN App
Sunday, November 17 Albania vs. France 2:35pm TSN.ca/TSN App
Sunday, November 17 Andorra vs. Turkey 2:35pm TSN.ca/TSN App
Monday, November 18 Republic of Ireland vs. Denmark 2:30pm TSN4
Monday, November 18 Italy vs. Armenia 2:35pm TSN5
Tuesday, November 19 Wales vs. Hungary 2:30pm TSN4/5
Tuesday, November 19 Netherlands vs. Estonia 2:35pm TSN.ca/TSN App


Schedule subject to change