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Canada's Top Golf Courses


Canada has more than 2,000 golf courses, each with its own character, charm and challenge. Trying to narrow that list down to just 40 was no easy task.

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That’s what TSN did however, selecting the top 10 in each of our four designated regions: Atlantic, Ontario/Quebec, Manitoba/Saskatchewan and Alberta/B.C.


To be eligible for the list each course had to be accessible to the public, whether through a greens fee or a resort stay. No private courses appear on our ranking. As well, the courses are not presented in any order but just as a group of 10.


While our four lists contain some tremendous layouts, we know there will be disagreement among golfers. And that’s okay. That’s part of what makes golf great. There’s no right or wrong, just opinions. What’s at the top of the list for one player may be much lower for another. Conversations and debates about certain layouts and specific holes have gone on as long as the game has been played.


So, consider TSN’s Top Courses a starting point for those discussions. How many have you played? How many of our selections would be on your ranking?


We don’t mind if you challenge our lists, in fact, we expect it. Tell us what you like, don’t like and what we missed. We’re listening.



British Columbia & Alberta

B.C. and Alberta are home to some of the world’s best mountain golf courses with relatively new layouts joining historic designs that have stood the test of time. Elevation changes are everywhere and the scenery is unmatched.

Saskatchewan & Manitoba

Manitoba and Saskatchewan may be known more for flat lands but the courses in this part of Canada shows the region has more ups, downs, twists and turns than might be expected. Beauty and challenge are found in a wide variety of designs here.

Ontario & Quebec

Ontario and Quebec can boast to being the home of some of Canada’s best parkland courses, providing oases from the sprawl of nearby cities. Tree-lined fairways and outcroppings from the Canadian shield give each layout a distinctive look and feel.

Atlantic Canada

Most of Atlantic Canada’s golf courses make use of their locations next to the water, with holes tucked beside oceans, and waves crashing next to greens. The beauty is balanced by the winds that seem ever-present, creating an added challenge to every round.