The CFLPA has proposed a short opt-out window for all contracts if the 2020 season ends up getting cancelled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, according to TSN's Farhan Lalji. 

The idea behind the opt-out clause is to give players an opportunity to pursue football opportunities with leagues that may be playing, like the NFL.

Lalji notes that the "cooperative tone" between the CFL and CFLPA has "changed dramatically" when it comes to how to deal with the coronavirus crisis. The two sides haven't met since Friday with the league shutting down all talks following the CFLPA's opt-out proposal.

The CFLPA sent out a letter Wednesday night.

"They are not looking to create a second layer of free agency by allowing all players to become free agents, but certainly an opt out clause has the potential to do that," reports Lalji.

Currently all standard player contracts signed in the CFL contain the following clause in Line 16:

“It is mutually understood and agreed that if the operation of the Canadian Football League is suspended, this Contract shall immediately be terminated and the remuneration to be paid to the Player shall be on the basis as provided by Paragraph 11 herein.”

The CFLPA is willing to compromise with the league, but need to get back to the negotiation table to make it happen, says Lalji.

Week 1 of the CFL season was scheduled to begin on June 11, but the league has already announced it won't get underway until at least the beginning of July.