The Chicago Blackhawks have been at the centre of an independent investigation into allegations that a then-assistant coach sexually assaulted two players in 2010 - a developing story covered by TSN Senior Correspondent Rick Westhead.

A timeline of the stories following the allegations and investigation:

May 13 - An unnamed former Chicago Blackhawks player who was a member of the 2010 Stanley Cup-winning team has filed a lawsuit accusing the team of ignoring allegations that he and a teammate were sexually assaulted by a Blackhawks coach: STORY

June 1 - A former HS hockey player who alleges he was sexually abused by a former Chicago Blackhawks coach is suing the NHL franchise for allegedly providing a positive employment reference to the coach despite knowing he was a sexual predator: STORY

June 17 - Blackhawks management allegedly refused to file a report to police during the 2010 playoffs after two players claimed a video coach with the franchise had sexually assaulted them, according to a person familiar with the matter: STORY

June 23 - The alleged sexual assault of two former Chicago Blackhawks players was “an open secret” among staff both within and outside the team’s hockey department, a former team marketing official said in an interview with TSN: STORY

June 25 - A lawyer for a former Blackhawks player who alleges he and another teammate were sexually assaulted by a former video coach with the NHL team is asking a judge to order the team to turn over all records relating to the allegations: STORY

June 26 - A former Chicago Blackhawks associate coach has confirmed that a meeting took place during the 2010 NHL playoffs in which the team’s management discussed the alleged sexual assault of two Blackhawks players: STORY

June 28 - A former Chicago Blackhawks player who alleges a team video coach sexually assaulted him and a teammate in 2010 says he has told his family about the abuse and is still struggling 11 years later with its long-term effects: STORY

July 9 - The lawyer for a former Chicago Blackhawks player who has alleged he was sexually assaulted by a former team video coach says the player will not cooperate with a team-financed investigation: STORY

July 13 - Former Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Brent Sopel said almost every player and coach on the 2010 team was aware of the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled by a former Blackhawks player against former video coach Brad Aldrich: STORY

July 19 - After jail for sex offence, former Chicago Blackhawks video coach Brad Aldrich uses interns to build business: STORY

July 22 - Former Blackhawks player describes alleged sexual assault in new court filing. Content Warning: The following article contains references to sexual assault : STORY

Aug. 6 - A lawyer for a former Chicago Blackhawks player has asked the U.S. Center for SafeSport to investigate Blackhawks and U.S. Olympic team GM Stan Bowman for allegedly covering up the sexual abuse of two former Blackhawks players: STORY

Aug. 12 - Former Blackhawks skills coach Paul Vincent gives investigators account of player abuse allegations: STORY

Sept. 13 - An American think tank that studies child sexual abuse and prevention is asking the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee to suspend Stan Bowman from his position as U.S. Olympic men’s hockey team GM: STORY

Sept. 15 - The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee has rejected an American think tank’s request to suspend Olympic men’s hockey team GM Stan Bowman while he faces allegations that he helped cover up the sexual abuse of two Blackhawks players: STORY

Sept. 30 - In court filing, lawyers allege Brad Aldrich’s day with the Stanley Cup was tantamount to a job reference that helped him get other jobs in hockey. STORY

Oct. 26 - Blackhawks hold briefing detailing findings of investigation into abuse claims and announces that general manager and president Stan Bowman has stepped down. The report, called "disturbing and difficult to read" by CEO Danny Wirtz, has been handed over to the NHL and is made available on its website. Kyle Davidson is named interim GM and Wirtz announces that no member of the team's senior management in 2010 will be with the organization any longer: STORY

Oct. 26- Hours after stepping down as president and general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks, Stan Bowman has also stepped down as the GM of USA Hockey's entry in February's Beijing Winter Olympics. STORY