Anaheim Ducks general manager Bob Murray said earlier this week the team is "trying to get younger" after trading veteran forward Andrew Cogliano to the Dallas Stars for Devin Shore.

One veteran who is unlikely to be on the move is 34-year-old Ryan Kesler.

Kesler, who has just four goals and six points in 44 games this season, owns a no-move clause and told The Athletic he will embrace a rebuild, if that becomes the team's direction.

“I don’t want to go anywhere,” Kesler said. “I love my teammates. I have a family, you take that into account. If we are going into a rebuild, I’m going to do my best to teach the kids how to be a pro and how to win.”

Kesler was limited to 44 games last season, scoring eight goals and posting 14 points. He is signed through 2021-22 at a $6.875 million cap hit. 

The Ducks dropped their franchise-record 12th straight game on Tuesday night and have not recorded a win since Dec. 17. 

Murray said Monday "it's time for changes," stating he doesn't believe the Ducks current roster could contend for a Stanley Cup in the postseason.

"This is all about us. I'm not here to just try to make the playoffs every year," Murray said. "You can do that, and maybe you can make a push, but I'd like to get back to where we're a team that, if we get into the playoffs, has a chance to win. Right now, this team, I said it earlier, I don't believe this group has a chance to win. It's time for changes."