Halifax Regional Council voted to approve conditional funding of $20 million for a stadium that could house a Canadian Football League team.

"Today’s vote in Halifax is a giant step forward for the plan for a new stadium there and, ultimately, the launch of a new CFL franchise in Atlantic Canada," said CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie in a statement. 

"Councillors for the Halifax Regional Municipality have essentially approved the municipal portion of the needed financing. There is more work ahead, of course, for the Schooners Sports and Entertainment group and the stadium project. But today represents an important milestone for everyone who shares the dream of a truly coast-to-coast CFL."

As TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor reported, the vote is a huge step forward toward a 10th CFL team that would play in Halifax.

A staff report last week rejected the Shannon Park site, but recommended moving ahead with a one-time payment of $20-million for a facility elsewhere in the city.

In October, SSE's proposal narrowly averted being killed outright after council voted nine to eight to proceed with further study, though the deadline for staff to conduct it was moved from next spring to a council meeting this December.

In response to the close call, the business group revised its proposal last month, saying the changes would reduce the risk to the municipality through an option for a new stadium ownership model.