Kawhi Leonard enjoyed his time in Toronto, but it's time to move on. 

"I had a great time (in Toronto), but it's the next chapter now." Leonard said following the Los Angeles Clippers' 98-88 win over the Raptors Monday night. 

"I can't live in the past or just be so excited that I won (the championship)." He added, "I'm with a different team, a different unit, and they wanna have that same feeling and I do as well. I'm a Clipper right now."

Leonard struggled from the field Monday night going 2-11 with just 12 points. 

"They did a great job on me tonight, defending, sending extra bodies." Leonard said about the Raptors defence, "But I'm glad they did. It got me better and it's gonna get my teammates better as well."

Early in the game, Leonard inadvertently poked OG Anunoby in the eye, ending the 22-year-old's game after just 1:47. 

Leonard said he went for a steal and ended up hitting OG in the face and that he'll reach out to OG via text on Tuesday to see if he's OK. 

Leonard will make his return to Toronto on Dec. 11 when the Raptors will look to even the season series.