The Chicago Blackhawks have settled a negligence lawsuit filed by former player Kyle Beach, who alleged he was sexually assaulted during the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs by former team video coach Brad Aldrich.

In a joint statement released Wednesday night, Beach’s lawyer, Susan Loggans, and Blackhawks owners Rocky and Danny Wirtz wrote, “The parties are pleased to announce that today’s mediation resulted in a confidential settlement between the Blackhawks and Kyle Beach. The Blackhawks hope that this resolution will bring some measure of peace and closure for Mr. Beach.

“As for the Blackhawks organization, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure that, going forward, this team will be a beacon for professionalism, respect and integrity in our community. We remain grateful for the trust and support of the Blackhawks community, and we promise to continue working every day to earn and maintain that trust.”

Beach’s lawsuit, first filed in May, shook the hockey world and led to the NHL team commissioning the law firm Jenner & Block to investigate Beach’s allegations.

On Oct. 27, the firm released a report outlining how the Blackhawks management and coaching staff declined to report to police sexual assault allegations against then-video coach Aldrich in May 2010. 

After Aldrich quietly left the team, he was given a day with the Stanley Cup, moved between hockey jobs, and in 2013 worked as a volunteer coach in Houghton, Mich., where he sexually assaulted a then-16-year-old player. He was sentenced to nine months in jail.

The Blackhawks are scheduled to hold settlement discussions with the former high school player, who is also represented by Loggans, on Dec. 20.