Draymond Green's last-second block on Kyle Lowry in Game 5 Monday night dropped the Toronto Raptors’ point guard to just 2-of-30 on go-ahead field goal attempts in the final 20 seconds of games over the course of his career.

Lowry's conversion rate of 6.7 per cent is the worst field goal percentage in those situations since he entered the league in 2007-08. Former Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings has the second-worst conversion rate – among players with at least 20 attempts – in that span at 3-for-29 (10.3 per cent).

The Raptors needed a field goal on their final possession to win Game 5, down one point with 15 seconds left after an offensive foul by Golden State Warriors centre DeMarcus Cousins. The possession began with the ball in the hands of leading scorer Kawhi Leonard, but he was double-teamed by the Warriors and passed the ball to Fred VanVleet, who found Lowry in the corner. 

"It felt great out of my hand," Lowry said of his last-second attempt. "He got a piece of it. That's what great defenders do. He got a piece of it and we'll continue to look at it and see how we can be better for the next game."

Leonard, meanwhile, has the NBA's best field goal percentage of go-ahead attempts in the final 20 seconds since 2007-08, at 45.8 per cent (11-of-24). He explained his decision not to attempt the game-winning shot post-game.

"Well, I mean two guys came up on me. I don't know if I could have got a shot off," he said. "It's hard. If you got two guys on top of you, you have to try to find the right play. We ended up getting a shot in the corner, but it just didn't go off quick enough."